I’ve been reading some of the posts about the Guild Wars 2 beta that is on at the moment. I myself do not do betas. Primarily because I am fucked if I am going to pay for the privilege of paying to test some company’s game, plus I don’t want the headache of falling into the trap of thinking that the game is a finished product and getting all frustrated with it until I throw my toys at the wall and put on my wizard hat and leave.

But like I said, I’m happy to read about everyone else who is prepared to do this shit. So Azuriel at In an Age has been trying to get his head around the questing. He’s written a great post with some awesome photos, (and has the coolest looking character I’ve seen since that demoness hussy that I played for a while in Age of Conan). His post concerns problems with the questing, and I was reading the post and trying to come to terms with the overall problem when I scrolled back and saw a line that I had missed as it was stuck between two photos:

“… Start doing the Personal Story.”

Ahh … well that explains it then. A personal story makes about as much sense in an MMO as an Eskimo who decides that he wants to get into building sandcastles. Where would the best place for a personal story be … let me think … a single player RPG perhaps? Such as Skyrim? Would that work?

And apparently this personal story goes all the way to the level cap. What the fuck were they thinking? And why do MMO companies keep trying to pander to every single demographic out there at the same time? Has anyone learnt yet that by trying to please everyone you end up pleasing nobody? (Apart from the freaky fanboys of course who are already defending the game to the bitter death of all rational judgement.)

There has been one example of an MMO that did a personal story well. That MMO was Age of Conan and the personal story was the first 20 levels of the game, which indecently were played alone, by yourself as a single character, unless of course you wanted to team up with someone to help out on the silly group quests that they threw in there to make life unbearable. And then you hit level 21 and the game fell apart. Because the first part of the game was essentially a single player RPG.

Anyway, I’ll slide back into my little abyss from where I watch all proceedings. Here’s hoping the Beta stays this awesome to watch.