I was playing Pathfinder with my live group on Saturday night. Our DM has a huge fantasy music collection which he sets on random while we play. It’s all very nerdy and I love it. Anyway, all was normal until this tune popped up. Go and click on it and let it play while you continue reading this post.

Hearing this brought a wealth of old memories back to me. Memories of exploring a new world, of slowly gaining more powers, of finding new and wondrous discoveries around every corner. Perhaps I was creeping down a kobold mine, or hunting bandits in a field of grapes. Trading shots with evil mages on a little island, or entering what seemed a ruined and abandoned tower. All of these thoughts and feelings flashed through my mind and then came the realisation that this world no longer exists. Cataclysm redid everything, including the music, and there is now no way of going back, creating a new character and reliving some old times from the past. I find that just a little bit sad.

Did Blizzard made a mistake with Cataclysm? One of the defining features of MMOs is the fact that you can’t easily go back in time; it’s not supposed to be a static environment. But the way that music made me feel, if the old WoW still existed I would have downloaded the game again when I got home just so I could wander around Elwynn Forest and soak up some old times spent with friends.

I might have a hunt around and listen to some more tracks. I always loved the Westfall tunes.