It has been an interesting week in the blogging kingdom. First of all Gankalicious posted that he was finishing his blog because he had nothing else to say. I thought that this was sad, because although he is a very silly man with dubious eating habits, I enjoy his whimsical blogging style and pathetic attempts to come to terms with the fact that he is a father. So I commented that it would be better for him to leave his blog up. I mean, why go to all the trouble of spending years building your blog up to the point where you have a ready-made audience who will listen to you rant and complain about the going thing that is pissing you off, only to delete it in a moment of angst? Leave the thing up! Because without a doubt there will come a morning when you will turn on the internets and a subject will catch your eye that will so infuriate you that you will reload up your old blog and dive right in. And your ready-made audience will lap it up.

And we have an immediate case in point in Nils. After almost a year of the amount of activity that would make one of those young Christian “I’m keeping my virginity for God” people look positively sluttish, out of nowhere the Nils parachutes back to the blogosphere with a post in which he complains about Guild Wars 2, (fair enough), Diablo 3, (can’t fault him there), and informs us that he tried WoW again with his girlfriend who thought that it sucked big fat donkey balls, (and she didn’t even play a panda.) And lo and behold the blogging world rejoiced and his post was covered with grovelling comments. A classic example of leaving your blog up for when you felt like dipping your toe in the water. Great to have him back.

Last but not the least, Kleps decided to call it a day, apparently. I give him a couple of weeks. The poor lad just won’t be able to contain himself. He says he has another blog, but really I don’t think his heart is in it. He’s not like Larissa who has an actual other hobby, (blue movies apparently), and thus a decent motivation to blog about an interest. But like a good lad, Klep has left his blog up. This is good news due to the fact that I primarily use his and Nil’s blogging list to work out who has posted each day, (WordPress, your blogroll system sucks arse. And what the hell is your own spellchecker as I write this telling me that any word with ‘blog’ in it is not a word?? On a blogging site???)

So there you have it – don’t delete your blogs. Gankalicious learned his lesson. He woke up, realised what a twit he had been, and promptly deleted the offending post where he threatened to quit and take all of his toys home. However, I knew this would happen and I copied and saved it. I’m sure I’ll drag it out some time in the future when it suits me …