It’s been so darn quiet from my end because the MMO world is so darn uninspiring at the moment. I am playing games, but like you lot want updates on Crusader Kings 2 or the fact that Skycrack pulled me back in with its latest expansion. Bloody boring eh, what?

So I will provide you all to the link for our glorious Pathfinder tabletop campaign. I am not the DM, not me. I play the gloriously beautiful Isabella, she of the 20, yes you read that correctly, 20 Charisma. How do you get 20 charisma? Praying to the gods, my friends. It’s no coincidence that she is a cleric.

I thought of posting the link during our last play session, as the DM mentioned that his campaign notes get quite a staggering amount of hits. I had no idea. So here you go, the adventures and travails of Isabella and some other party members as well as I suppose.

Krondor – a dwarf fighter who has the unique talent of being cowardly when he should be brave and brave when he should be running away.

Seng – a monk, (we call him monky boy), who frequently wins the day for us and then we make fun of his haircut.

Elamros – an elf archer. He joined the party after we discovered that he had killed a dozen hobgoblins with head shots from his bow. Since then he hasn’t been able to hit water when falling out of a boat.


Website of our adventures: