I finally have internet. Real internet. I have not had real internet since March due to the leaving of one city, the stopping over in a small country seaside town for some months where the plan was to finish the book, (second draft done – now with editor who is probably butchering it), and now to melbourne where we got a great pad very quickly but it has taken iinet 5 fricking weeks to get my internet on.

But now I have it. In the downtime after hammering out 2000 words in a day I rediscovered Nethack which I have taken to its natural conclusion of smashing my face against a piece of toast. Actually, that’s not fair – I presently have a saved wizard who is deep in the Hellish zones and is a good possibility to ascend due to the number of wands of wishing I have happened upon, but nevertheless I am a tad bored.

But now I have internet. So I can play a game, an internet game. But which one? I’ve been out of the loop for quite a bit so I am unsure of how to proceed. I could go back and have a look at WoW but I am scared of the file size that I would have to download. I am also scared of liking it again. Darkfall is another possibility which could be a nice set up for when Pathfinder Online gets its shit together. In the Pathfinder area I am a member of a small guild which at its core is going to be all carebear and sweetness …

I could go back to EVE and join Gevlon in whatever Ayn Rand style assault on socialism he is currently undertaking. Press a button, cause bitter tears. Always something fun doing that. I had a look at Guild Wars 2 at a friend’s house where his teenage son was playing it but I wasn’t too impressed with what I saw. Not enough to spend time on it. Because time is now the critical factor, so I need a game that won’t take over my life and I can dip into it when I feel like it.

Dammit. I’m not liking where this is taking me.