My rogue in the Emerald Dream is up to level 12. It’s slow going, and I have fled the purple awfulness of the Night Elf starter zone and made the run to Stormwind via the Deeprun Tram. I only died once on the way from one of those fast moving crocolisks, the sprint ability coming in quite handy at times. There are a few bugs but the only one that really annoys me is the occasional activation of mob health bars for no apparent reason. Thus a walk through a field of chickens results in a kaleidoscope of yellow health bars all telling me that they are creatures of the fowl variety. I’ve looked and looked but there doesn’t seem to be any way to turn this off and it comes and goes of its own accord. I’ve had some latency issues as well but that is to be expected seeing as I’m playing this in Australia on a European server, (rumored to be hidden in the depths of Romania).

Right now my big dilemma is which professions to take. Remember, this is Vanilla WoW circa patch 1.12.1, so all of the usual reasearch sites for information such as wowhead, thotbott, wowwiki etc are not that helpful seeing as they’re set for the current expansion. I’ve tried archive sites and such but it’s still heavy going trying to work out what to do. Thus far I have herbalism but herbs are pretty cheap on the auction house and it’s something that I’ve done before. What I haven’t done before is serious crafting professions such as leatherworking, blacksmithing or tailoring. I took enchanting all the way on my original toon, and I’ve done alchemy in the past as well, so this time I want to try something different, and back in Vanilla WoW these professions produced gear that was actually somewhat valuable. I’m leaning towards leatherworking for the obvious rogue connection which means I’ll probably take skinning as well which I have never done before either. I’m not worried about trying to make mega amounts of gold as there are no gold sellers here so the economy isn’t artificially inflated.

The fact that research sites are compromised only adds to the fun of it. This will mean that I will really have to work things out for myself or even, heaven forbid, interact with other players in order to get the information that I need. Other things that I have noticed is that it always seems to be raining in Elywyn Forest. My poor rogue’s leather armor must be mouldy by now. Also, I hate murlocks. I mean, I hated them before but it seems that every murlock I meet has a hidden stash of healing potions that they quaff at most inopportune times. But if I pick their pockets do I find any healing potions? Not bloody likely. Also, sap seems to be bugged. Or at least I am such a low level that it just doesn’t work properly. Either they see me and I have to duke it out, or I manage to sap the mob but all of his mates immediately pile onto me. Not much fun at all. Perhaps I should try it on some lower level kobolds and see what happens. Start screaming at me that I no get candle most probably.