I logged on today with half an idea to have a run in the Deadmines. None of my newly made contacts were online so I put a call out in general chat to see if anyone was up for a run. I got one whisper back from a tank. This is what is known as a bloody good start. My next focus was on getting a healer for I knew that once I had the tank/healer roles sorted then dps would cut each other’s legs off to get in the group. I did a zone search and came up with three possible candidates but they all for various reasons could not come. I refreshed it again and saw a level 17 priest. He was very keen to give it a shot.

Now my party was made up of myself, the warrior and the priest. Pretty darn good. I asked them what kind of dps they wanted and we agreed on a mage and a warlock and I whispered each in turn. As I predicted they fell over each other getting into the group. We were all around level 16-17 so it was going to be a challenging run. But we cleared the lead-up with no issues and everyone seemed to know where they were going. The tank was pulling well and keeping threat, dps were dpsing their little hearts out and nobody was dying. So far pretty awesome. We got the first boss down without any issues but then we mis-timed a pull on some mobs and we had a wipe. As we all headed back to the instance the party chat was alive with a healthy discussion on how we could improve while laughing off the wipe as par for the course. In fact, for most of us it turned out to be our first instance run on the realm.

We hit the foundry with no issues, which is always a great indicator and then we scooted around the side of the pirate ship and made our way straight to the first mate boss. Here we had another wipe due to some positioning issues but once again we were all in good spirit and enjoying the run. We got Van Cleef down and I scored the Cape of the Brotherhood which was great except for the fact that I’ll have to wait a couple of levels to get it. I also scored some other tasty morsels while one of the others got a rare parrot pet drop. We jumped down to Cookie but mis-timed our approach and ended up wiping again. At this point we called it at the spirit healer and everyone added the others to their respective friends list.

So no dodgy instance drama on this run. Everyone knew how to play, helped out where needed, gave and received advice with good spirits, and were gracious with handing out drops and rewards. Regular readers will know that I’m once again crapping on about the importance of community but dammit, this server is so much better than any community I have seen in the past. And what a blast to be back in the original Deadmines, still a great instance. And with Van Cleef’s head in my bag.