I have encountered somewhat of a problem in my rogue travails on the Emerald Dream vanilla server. The Destiny Calls quest which is a low level rogue quest and part of the Apple Falls quest chain that leads the young rogue to SI7 in Stormwind and on from there, is bugged. I am supposed to pick the pocket of Sethir the Ancient but he isn’t there. He isn’t anywhere at all, and believe me I have looked. So I can’t pick his pocket and I can’t complete the quest and my rogue is at an impasse. In other words, without this quest you cannot complete any other rogue quests which means you’re not getting poisons. I tried dropping the quest and taking its equivalent in the dwarf or human starting zone, but because I have done the first quest in the chain these aren’t available to me. In short, I am buggered.

This is a known problem on the server and there is a thread on this issue on their server. It seems that some players can’t see him, some can’t pick his pocket, and some have him being protected by some weird high level dude. It’s nice to know that I’m in good company but this isn’t helping me overcome my rogue roadblock. I’m at level 19 and going well. I’ve got about ten good contacts on my friends list and I don’t want to jeopardise this by abandoning my character and starting again, but if I can’t get this fixed then that’s exactly what I may have to do. I can’t be a level 60 raiding rogue without any poisons. This would also be a huge handicap in PvP as well.

The thought of doing this over from the beginning doesn’t fill me with joy but the last thing I want to do is to sink more time into a lost cause. I would probably generate a new night elf rogue and take her all the way to the human starting zone as a total newbie. I like night elves because they have cute bottoms. Don’t give me that look, we all have our foibles.