I’m level 19 on the vanilla server that is Emerald Dream and I have 60 silver. At one point I had just over one gold piece, a gold piece! But then I had to pay for a bunch of training and it all went away. So sad. How have I been making gold? Well, I haven’t. If I had I would have some, stands to reason. The silver that I have is attained from doing quests and selling stuff I find. I have got a few good green drops but nobody is buying them. And if you look at the prices in the AH you’re not going to get much even if they do sell, maybe 40 silver for a nice green that someone around level 20 can use.

But this is all relative. The server economy is not inflated as there are no gold sellers, what you see is what you get. And due to the fact that there will be no future upgrades to the server apart from raid releases then the economy is also rather static. Also, the type of player on the server is more often the sort of person who is happy to earn things themselves. Someone appeared on server general chat yesterday asking for a few gold as he had just started and had nothing and he got laughed out of existence. Everybody started with no gold, you dipshit, was the general response.

I am leveling two professions that I have never tried before, skinning and leatherworking. It’s obviously a good combination and fine for a rogue but I can’t see it making me any hard coin for when I need it. In fact, the only thing that I can see making hard coin is something that needs to be used again and again, in other words consumables. So I’m thinking that the most likely top gold earner on a static economy where players are not continually updating gear would be alchemy. Potions are the ultimate consumable, and raiding and PvP is what most players on the server tend to do at endgame here. So my plan is to try out my two professions and hopefully get some nice stuff off them for my rogue as she levels up, but when I get to max level I’m probably going to drop them and power-level herbalism and alchemy. Running around the server I have noticed that there is an abundance of herbs to be looted; ore not so much. Mind you, low level rogues are pretty squishy in Vanilla and I could use health potions right now if I’m brutally honest.

Update on my buggy rogue problems: I hit lvl 20 and was able to start the Mathias and the Defias quest which is great news as now I can get poisons. Plus, I like this little rogue quest chain as it’s a lot of fun. So I won’t have to restart my toon which is excellent news.