I was on the Mathias and the Defias quest and I scooted out to Westfall where I found the agent lurking behind a tree. Pickpocketing the mob outside was easy and then I snuck upstairs where the two guards on the landing spotted me. Not to be deterred I ran to the top level with them in hot pursuit where I was cornered by the boss-man and the three of them took me down. So far all was going to plan. I rezzed on the top level, went into stealth and sapped the elite mob next to the chest. This would give me just enough time to loot the chest and sprint out of there. I began to loot the chest but it didn’t work. I tried again with some concern now and again I was unsuccessful. And then it dawned on me; at 53 my lock-picking skill wasn’t high enough.

Oh noes. I got bitch-slapped by the boss and I rezzed back at the spirit healer. I knew that I would have to head over to Redridge where the lockbox area is for low level rogues. I snuck past the nasty orcs ready to ambush me on the road and I made my way down to Alther’s Mill. The boxes were green for my skill level and I figured I’d have to get to a skill level of around 75 to be nice and safe for the other quest, so it took me some time to get my skill level up. I had about 4 points to go when I suddenly began to die.

Horde. A nasty Undead mage had snuck up on me. He was level 24 to my 20 and I had no chance after being ambushed. I came back and had a good look around to make sure he wasn’t there before I rezzed. Four skill points to go and a Horde mage out to get me. It certainly got the heart pumping. I positioned my rogue to open the boxes but I turned the camera angle around so I was effectively looking over my rogue’s shoulder. I was quite sure that the mage would try to sneak up on me from behind if he came back and that is exactly what happened as I spied his awful form on a nearby mound.

I went into stealth and took the long way around to get behind him as he set off his area-of-effect frost spell around the shorter approach. Silly mage. I got behind him and hit him with an ambush that dropped off a third of his hit points. But without any opening stun abilities at level 20 I was always on the back foot. I did get one stun off but being unable to re-stealth makes taking advantage of this tricky and what with his freezing and distance attacks I had a hard time of it. The four levels of difference didn’t help either. But it was close and at one point it could have gone either way until my energy ran out and he pinged me.

Back to the spirit healer I went as I didn’t fancy being corpse-camped. I waited out the sickness and then I snuck back where I spied him lurking behind a tree. Didn’t this guy have anything better to do? And I only had 2 points to go to hit 75. But each point was taking me on average about 10 opens to get so this was going to take a while. I put a call out on local chat announcing his presence and sure enough he scooted away when he spied incoming reinforcements. Thus I completed the task and then I hearthed back to Sentinal Hill in Westfall.

I repeated the same process as before only this time the chest opened as planned, I retrieved the journal and then I got the hell out of there. Handing the quest caused me to get the customary nasty poison effect but a bug meant that it dropped off me when I went into stealth. And now I have poisons, most notably crippling poison. Just the thing for nasty Undead mages.