Crippling poison has made a big difference in how I fight nasty mobs who run away and get their buddies just as they’re about to die. But I had entirely forgotten that poisons was a skill that you could level. So here I am brewing my poisons once again and having them drop off at inopportune moments. Plus all the bag space they take up. Playing in Vanilla WoW it strikes me that the rogue class began its life with great depth and since then it has been steadily whittled down to a one-dimensional sheen of its former self while adding seemingly endless new “skills” and “abilities”. I am sure that this is true for all classes in the game. Even hunters.

I was in the gnoll-infested caverns above Lakeshire in Redridge where I was hunting down some ore samples for a quest that I found in Stormwind. Suddenly I saw a dwarf warrior running towards me who had got himself into some trouble with a couple of gnolls. He just had time to type out a quick “help” and I jumped in to save him. He thanked me and I asked for a hand to take out the elite mob and his henchmen and we cleaned them up with some excellent play. He was level 23 and I am level 20 while the mobs are lvls 20-21 in that area. But their scaling is tough, remember this is old school WoW, and thus it encourages players to help each other when they get into trouble.

So this is an example of player interaction on a PvE basis. These areas as well as many of the quests are not soloable if you’re playing at the correct level. You need to ask for and give help and thus you meet players. Turns out this guy is a pretty hand tank, strike up another one for the friends list. And it being a PvP realm just makes the social requirements to communicate with other players even greater. Milady from Hypercriticism asked me the question of what I thought about playing on a PvP realm. I began my WoW career on a PvE realm but transferred to PvP when I started helping Gevlon on his projects at the time. For me PvP is clearly superior from both a gameplay and a community point of view.

I didn’t just casually run back down the road to Elwynn Forest to hand in my quest. A level 26 hordie was around and had knocked off a few players on the bridge while I had been in the caverns. I knew this from the conversation in general chat. A group had formed and had driven him out but where was he skulking now? I stealthed across the bridge and then kept to the trees at the side of the road until I was safely out of the zone.

I wouldn’t say that my heart was pounding but I was certainly on my guard. On a PvE realm you just run wherever you want to, (apart from the horde guards), which kind of puts the whole faction war thing in the ‘whatever, who gives a shit’ basket. We get the occasional level 60 blow in to a low level zone but mostly the incursions are perpetrated by players with corresponding levels. This means that they’re confident of their abilities and they’re up for a challenge. I applaud this and I’m happy to take them on when I happen across their path. In fact, perhaps I should make some low-level incursions of my own. Perhaps it’s time I gave The Barrens a visit.