I’m slacking off my levelling a bit to allow some other players to catch up with me, so I’ve been concentrating on my professions both major and minor. So skinning, leatherworking, fishing, cooking, lockpicking and first aid have been getting the attention they deserve. This means that interactions with other players have dropped off as these sorts of goals are very much single player oriented. Also, for those of you who have been trying to catch up in-game with me to no avail, I’m in the Australian time-zone and I’m on either in the morning or the evening my time. I have time to play the game quite a bit at the moment seeing as I am between gainful employment, but this will probably change very soon.

I’ve been hanging around the Zoram Strand in Ashenvale because I remembered that it was a good spot to level lockpicking with the lockboxes scattered around the beach. Well my memory must be playing tricks on me because scattered is the right word; they’re rare and their respawn rate is pretty damn poor. I’ve killed enough naga to last me for a while and lockpicking still hasn’t cracked 100 yet. Oh well.

Mostly, my playing sessions are pretty short. I often just log on for half an hour or so, get a few things done and then log out. Even playing like this I’m already at level 23. It’s slow to be sure, but not as slow as I remembered it being. Hitting level 22 was great as I got Vanish and Distract, both crucial abilities for any rogue. Vanish allowed me to take down a horde hunter who jumped me this morning. We were both the same level and he started hitting me from a distance as his pet bear ran up to eat off my face. I vanished immediately and moved around behind him where I ambushed him with a 230hp critical strike. Quite nice timing to get off such a big ambush hit. That was over a third of his hit points and I also infected him with crippling poison so he couldn’t run away. I kept up a barrage of sinister strikes and the poor dear was gone before his pet even got back to us. Then I stealthed and waited to see if any retribution was forthcoming. He hadn’t called in any friends and I allowed him to rez and get away. I don’t find corpse-camping particularly appealing. Mind you, the same Undead mage keeps popping up at very inopportune times in Duskwood. He’s really giving me the shits now and it seems as if I have my own personal stalker.

Readers have been asking me what I plan to do in Emerald Dream. To answer all the emails at once, I have no idea. I may raid, I may PvP, I may walk around and smell the daisies. I may even get bored before level 60 and pull the pin on the whole thing. Does there have to be a long-term clear goal? I’m just enjoying myself. How’s this for a clear goal: I want to get leatherworking to 300. I’d also like to participate in at least one Vanilla 40 man raid. But who knows.