September being my best blogging month for close to three years, I wanted to close it off with another post. The problem is what to write. I’ve only logged on once in the last few days, and in that time I ran around, killed some things, avoided some high level horde raiders, and mourned the state of my gear. Not really that exciting and certainly not blog worthy. Then again, most things I see written, (and most probably write myself), just aren’t that blog worthy. This makes me wonder what the definition of worthiness for a blog post might be. Perhaps it would be something that causes me to continue reading after the first few lines. I jumped over to Nil’s blog just now to have a look at his blog list and see what other bloggers were writing about. I clicked on a few of them, but each time I began to read I found my eyes glazing over of their own accord and I skipped to the next one. And so on, repeat ad infinitum.

For those of you who have managed to get this far, on what seems like becoming a suitable nothing blog post, I applaud my own powers of captivation and your own willingness to suspend disbelief. The thing that has kept me away from playing make-believe online video games and forced me out into the real world where the sun shines and people make hay, is the beginning of the cricket season. I am involved in this noble pursuit as a proud card-carrying member of my local cricket club. The fact that I haven’t played any form of competitive cricket since the year 1988, a year I may add that certain of my team mates were not even born, gave me some pause a few weeks ago when the notion of joining first arose.

For I find myself living in a city which is new to me and where I know literally a handful of people. While playing MMOs is certainly fun it does nothing for mixing with the social set, so I cast around for some medium with which I could meet people with the least amount of pain involved. Thus I cast aside kickboxing, social chess, and the horror of political association, and came up with my favourite childhood sports activity. It turns out that I am still quite passable, at least on the bowling front. Getting my eye in while holding a cricket bat has been somewhat of a greater hurdle, but that is progressing nicely at this point. I did pull some sort of ligament in my back the other week in my over-exuberence at casting down missiles to make batsmen quiver, but all in all it’s proving to be an inspired choice for widening my social horizons and getting back into shape. Plus I’m hoping that the younger lads will all be of the sort to entertain bevies of local beauties to whom I can cast an appraising eye while sipping my post-game gin and tonic washed down with a couple of bottles of Verve.

I will of course continue to blog on video-game thingamajiggys, but perhaps it is best to not get too used to the whirlwind of posting activity that has enthralled all 23.5 of you this month.