There is another push to get poor unwitting people to become MMO bloggers, and now they have their very own site so it’s official and everything. I wrote about this last year when this syndrome rose its ugly head, and my views have not changed in the last twelve months. Here is what I wrote that best sums up my feelings on the matter:

“… Obviously being a person who blogs about videogames is not felt to be high on the legitimisation scale. So they believe that if they pull lots more people into their chosen activity, then by default of weight of numbers their activity, (blogging), will now be somehow more respectable …”

But there are a couple of further points that I now wish to raise concerning this topic. The first is these people’s assumption that more MMO bloggers is of itself a good thing, a worthy cause if you like. Are we sure about this though? Why are more voices to be encouraged to join what is already a vastly overcrowded field a good thing? If anything we should have a blogging cull, and get rid of some of the dead wood that’s floating along riding the coat-tails of talented, respectable, and dare I say it, handsome bloggers such as myself. Check out the killtenrats blogroll if you don’t belive me. I dare you to count how many blogs there are on that list. I can’t, because I’m not able to count that high because my parents mistreated me. But you can. That’s a lot of blogs. Are people able to read this many blogs, on the same subject, every fucking day?

I don’t think so. Thus, the first premise holds up. We don’t need more blogs about MMOs or videogames in general. We need to have a blogging cull. My second point naturally becomes, why are these people still doing this? I mean, how many blogs are still around from last year’s effort? I don’t know, I can’t find any info about this. I’ll bet my nutsack however that a bunch of people started blogs that were abandoned faster than a Polish position in front of a Panzer division. But I think I know why these bloggers are so invested in being kind and helpful and all-knowing to people who most probably didn’t even realise that they so desperately wanted to become a blogger. It gives them vindication, yes, I wrote that last year. But it also gets more people on their side. What? I hear you say. There are sides? Of course there are sides, dear reader. We are witnessing one being busily created. By doing this NBI thing they are slowly pulling in more like-minded people who might well suck as bloggers, (and hey, if you need special help to work out how the fuck to put up a blog and write words then I reckon the suck factor is going to be up there with my pal Linda L), but they will all be on the same team. And thus, by default, when their team gets large, when it has lots and lots and lots of “bloggers” then they will be able to implement phase 2 of their dastardly plan which I also wrote about last year:

“… The next step along this line is the desire to partake in the imposition of new rules concerning bloggers in an attempt to “raise the bar” and “clean up their act”. Now the true control freaks will rise to the surface much like scum floating on top of your nice pot of fresh chicken stock. Stay tuned for this one …”

In the real world in the fields that I am a recognised expert, I have noticed the curious phenomenon of the least able of the field always being the ones that end up appointing themselves the go-to experts and organisers. It’s their way of making up for the fact that they basically suck. And of course they end up sucking in their role as self-appointed expert as well. But gullible people get sucked in, and that’s the way of the world I suppose. Now I am not insinuating that the organisers of the NBI all suck, no-sir-ee. I leave my dear readers to make that decision for themselves.