I went to Perth last weekend for a few days and didn’t take my computer, so no gaming, no internet, and much catching up and boozing. The good wife and I joined some old friends at a new bar in Perth specialising in American whiskey. We sampled the 23 year old Pappy van Winkle and found it to be well worth the $80 price per 30ml nip. Jetsetting back into Melbourne I then had a meeting with my editor who has finished examining the second draft of my book. This we dissected and managed to come up with a way of solving a structural problem which had reared its ugly head. This will probably consume my time for the next week or so.

I have dipped into the Emerald Dream, but my dipping has been sporadic. I’m still sitting at level 26 so for those of you who are trying to catch up to me I’m sure you’ll be able to as I won’t be on for the time I’ll be working on the revision. If you do see me on then I am obviously being a very naughty boy indeed. The other news is that I have been selected for my first cricket match with my new club and I’ll be playing this Sunday. I would like to think that I will make a glorious debut but let’s be honest here: I’m just going to try and not stuff up too much. I have my flashy new whites and a nice new helmet which I have been busy scruffing up so I don’t appear too much like the returning newbie that I am. Stay tuned for a match report next week. Exciting stuff.