I’m enjoying Elder Scrolls Online, enjoying it. That’s a big thing for me. I’ve decided to play with a few self-imposed rules as well so as to make my own playtime more enjoyable. These rules are designed based on what works for me. These rules will probably not work for you due to the fact that:

a): you are not me.

b): you suck.

So these are my rules. Firstly, no fast travel of any kind. If I get there, I walk. Unless a friendly player is able to teleport me. Then I’ll happily oblige because that is part of the gist of things. It’s like him getting me to open a lock. But otherwise, no fast travel.

The next one is only one quest at a time. No more than that in my quest log. Just the one, and one is all I shall do. When that one is finished I will select another one and do that. This is so I can retain an interest in what it is I am actually doing. By the way, I like how when you accept a quest you never know what you may receive as a reward. You only find out when you present yourself to the quest-giver and he hands over three bits of string and a sea shell. Miserable bastard.

Spend some points on leveling up some crafting. It’s tempting to just shove them into my attack abilities, but I want to round this out a bit. To that end …

No looking things up on the internets. No maps, no items, no hints, no clues, no gear spreadsheets, no class explanations, no complex breakdowns of the best skill sets and ability tree designs. None of it. I am here to explore. I intend to make mistakes. From that I wish to learn. People will call me a noob. They will have mistaken me for someone who gives a fuck.

Lastly, no interaction with the stupid prophet who obviously drives the main storyline. Already he’s going nuts that I’m not returning his calls. Well, fuck him too. I have no desire to be a hero. I have every desire to have a good time. Somebody else can save the fucking world from whatever is threatening it with the latest greatest calamity. Me, I’m going to be exploring this abandoned mine over here.