I backed the initial Pathfinder kickstarter. Got myself a signed book thingy and a poster. Yey me. I was a somewhat active participant on their forum. I had hope for this game. I had dreams. I had dreams, man!!

Dreams die. Sorry kids, that’s just the way it goes. This one died early, but there are a lot of people still hanging on to their dream. They don’t want to let go. They don’t want to be disappointed. Which means when they eventually do realise how terrible their dream has become, the backlash is going to be very nasty indeed. For me, I knew the game was up when Pathfinder announced their second kickstarter. The first kickstarter was to secure investors, the second kickstarter was to move the project forward quickly so that they weren’t constrained by investors’ small-mindedness. Which led me to believe that all the would-be investors had looked at their product and decided that it sucked so the only thing left was to secure more money out of their audience to get the game going.

This was when the forums took a turn for the weird, with Ryan Dancey, the smug-faced moron running the project, jumping down the throat of anyone who dared to question their creative genius. In the last two years things haven’t changed that much. Dancey is still being a prick to people, the game still looks fucking awful on the videos that have been released, and they’re still extorting money out of their future player-base.

Early enrollment costs a cool $100. Players who backed the second kickstarter, (us poor saps who backed the initial offering didn’t get jack squat), got to play in the alpha, ($1000 for all of you so desperate to get in and test their bugs for them), but after that you have to shell out more money. And now they’ve introduced premium items, in other words a high priced cash shop. Care to blow $50 on a base camp? That lasts for only five days? Or how about a cool $250 for a smallholding?

“… Smallholdings will have an upkeep cost. The Smallholding will consume a certain amount of bulk resources and crafting materials each month. If the Smallholding’s upkeep cost is not met, the Smallholding will be closed and despawned.”

“Any inventory in the Smallholding when it is removed from the game (through destruction or despawning) is lost”

“The deed to a Smallholding that is destroyed or despawned will return to its owner’s inventory and will have a 30 day cooldown before it can be redeployed.”

God, I almost want to pay to get in so I can go around burning these things down.

How much do you think their core playerbase has already shelved out on average, what with two kickstarters, alpha access, early enrollment, and now a premium cash shop? Has any game ever cost this much before it was even released? And more to the point, has any other business in the history of the world ever charged its future customers to set itself up in such a way?

But people are paying for it, for now. Which says two things really; people are stupid, and the MMO industry is in dire straits indeed.