Oh, that’s right – a lot of people already have.

And so it comes down to this. For some time now the pinko-lefty social drama campaigners have been on a holy mission from an abstract entity to bring equality and inclusion to the world of video games. Not satisfied with completely fucking up the science fiction & fantasy genre with their boring platitudes and dull novels bereft of anything remotely resembling a story but chock full of gay Asian heroes struggling with their existence in an alien world, they then set their sights on video games and all it contained. At first the complaints were small and centered around the fact that they were being abused in chat for being a woman. Notwithstanding the fact that the vast majority of people abused in chat in MMOs are because they either:

A: Suck as a gamer, or
B: Suck as a person,

These were always equated back to I am being being abused because I am a woman.

It’s a funny thing about these feminists. On the one hand they scream about GRRRRLLL power and how they are so much better than men, but yet on the other hand they roll around in their victim-hood status as soon as someone gives them the finger. Power and victim-hood the two do not equate.

But facts, rationality, and logical thinking are anathema to this bunch, and thus we progressed to such fascinating topics as there not being enough statues of females in WoW city areas and OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE SHOOT ME NOW ARE WE REALLY TALKING ABOUT THIS???

Which is what they count on. Disinterest. ‘Why, this isn’t going to effect me, I’ll just ignore the awful feminists and their gay hanger-ons and stick to my games.’ Yes, well that’s what the science fiction & fantasy community thought too, until most of the novels released started to well … suck. And Zoe Quinn is just the tip of the iceberg. I mean, who wouldn’t release a game called ‘Depression Quest’ about depression, and a text adventure at that, and not expect it to sell really well? That was fucking irony by the way in case you hadn’t noticed. Game not going so well? Why not sleep with a bunch of so-called journalists and executive bigwigs to make sure that your game gets on steam? Ex-boyfriend spills the beans on you publicly? That’s okay, let’s just shut down all discussion and remove all threads related to the subject on major forums and ban everyone into the bargain? I mean, nobodies going to notice that shit, ammiright?

This is a turning point, my friends. This is the time for you to take notice of sites such as Kotaku and boycott them forthwith. To stand up and say that this shit won’t fly. Good games are good games in of themselves. There is no quota system required for a game to have X number of blacks, gays, women, lesbians, Hispanics, Asians, transexuals, etc. This is not about what a game is. A game is a good game when it gives enjoyment and an escape from the real world. I said it four years ago when I got into a fight with these wankers and their ilk, and I’ll say it again:

Hands off our games.

And screw Zoe Quinn, though not in the biblical sense. I mean, ewwww.