I caught sight of a post on a blog I hadn’t heard of called, Zen of Design. It’s titled, ‘our growing fuckwad problem’. It’s quite badly written, in the sense that it took me about a third of it to work out whose side the writer is actually on. And it’s a nice little rant about how there are too many nasty evil people on the internet and Zoe Quinn’s boyfriend is an asshole for putting his dirty laundry on the internet and blah blah blah and fucking blah.

The writer’s initial error can be summed up nicely with this logical fallacy that I’m going to quote from his post:

“… The Internet should be a safe place for everyone …”

Shoulda, coulda, woulda. I suppose you’d also say that the world should be a safe place for everyone too. Well, it’s not. Sometimes I wonder if people who play fantasy games really do live in a fantasy world. The internet is a reflection of the world. It is a reflection of human beings and their behavior. How could it be anything else? And our little Damion Schubert, (at least I think that’s who wrote this shit), is all upset at the nasty wasty people on his internet. According to him they need to go away! The internet is not a place for them! I’m going to break down his rubbish one point at a time based on his own subheadings. Let’s go, shall we. His original posts in bold:

1. If you think this is an isolated problem, limited only to a handful of ‘celebrity women’, you’re wrong. For a small sampling of the abuse that women can take, look no further than Fat, Ugly or Slutty.

So what does this prove? That there are some bad men out there? So what? Oh, I see, you’re making the illogical assumption that this means that there are no nasty women out there …

ihatemen, endofmen, dead men don’t rape, and this was from just a cursory few minutes on Google. Yahoo Answers is always a go-to site for rabid anti-male threads and moderating, and oh, let’s just add some more while we’re at it. I’m a woman who hates men, kill all men, and my personal favorite, I am a feminist: All men can go die…that is after I cut off their dicks.

As a man I have to say, I’m not feeling the love.

2) It doesn’t take many assholes to poison the well. Here’s a secret – the ‘not all men’ camp is technically correct, and even moreso, they’d be accurate in saying ‘most men’, as in ‘most men are not colossal manchildren incapable of holding a coherent conversation with a woman’ and ‘most men are not, actually, potential rapists who spout out vile obscenities the moment a player with a female voice whips their ass’. Here’s the other secret – that doesn’t matter. At fucking all.

Can anyone out there tell me what that means? In English, mind you. he goes on, at length, something about one person can stuff it up for everyone. Yeah, that Stalin chap was a real bummer, wasn’t he.

3) Having thick skin should not be a requirement to be a game developer or academic – but right now it is.

Oh, poor little game designer, he needs a think skin. Has he tried being a high school teacher, or a primary school teacher for that matter? Or a cop? Or a politician? Or the poor person at the airport scanning x-ray machine that has to wave the wand over people’s body parts and gets abused into the process? Or how about bus drivers? Or … do I need to go on? And then he goes on about Anita Sarkeesian, the woman who has made an art form out of scamming gullible saps in the gaming industry to give her money because she’s so hard done by. And once again, women get abused so they leave, it’s that logical fallacy again. Is he assuming that men in the industry don’t get abused and leave? Actually they probably just kill themselves seeing as men make up 80% of suicides.

4) If your response to a failed relationship is to post your dirty laundry to a toxic and inflammatory web forum and egg them on to harassing your ex, you are a Grade-A Major League Asshole, and you’ve justified her decision to leave you and seek affection elsewhere. Sorry, that needed to be said. I don’t even need to hear her side of the story. She figured you out, and tried to escape. Good on her.

Really? I mean, really? I’m glad this guy isn’t sitting on any judicial bench.

5) If you don’t think that being a white, straight male grants you undeniable and unassailable privilege in modern Western society, then you need to get your head out of your MRA ass.

Straw-man much? Oh, and I’ll post all of this again just to make a point.

6) Manufacturing a scandal to be able to keep calling a woman a slut is pretty much the definition of shitbag behavior. You know how many people would care if a male developer slept with a female journalist? Roughly zero. It happens all the time. Hell, sometimes we even marry them. It’s not just game journalism – Washington DC is full of journalists who have had relationships with the people that they’ve covered. And yet, somehow, the Washington Post manages to maintain their integrity and reputation.

She slept with them to further her own career at the expense of other people. All discussion of the topic was neutered from the internet. For a truly in-depth look at why the Zoe Quinn debacle is a very big deal, look no further than here. Also, don’t you love this guy’s double standards? On the one hand it’s all, “ARGGHHH, only one bad person can cause everyone else to be tainted by the same brush and you are all evils ARRGGG!” and then on the other hand when it’s a woman who may have been nasty and naughty it’s all, “It happens all the time, nothing to see here, move along move along quietly now …”

Here’s my favorite part:

But there is a contingent of gamers who seriously need to drink a cup of Shut the Fuck Up. It’s not all gamers. I suspect that, if you’re reading this, you’re not one of them. It is, in fact, a minority of gamers, and probably a tiny minority at that. But the amount of noise that they make, and the amount of damage that they do, is vastly out of scale with their small population.

I agree. There is a small group of so-called gamers that make a huge amount of noise relative to their numbers and who ruin it for everyone. Feminists, the pink brigade, white knights like this moron Damion Schubert, and any other of the socialist nutbags who want to ruin gaming for everyone. Finally something this guy writes makes sense.