There’s been a lot of mutual circle-jerking go in in the gaming community over the last week or so concerning the ‘death’ of gamers. Apparently the term itself is outdated, as we are now something else altogether. At least I’m not, because according to people like Leigh Alexander who writes for a gaming magazine and cites off that she more or less hates and despises the very people she is supposed to be writing for, gamers like me are nasty and misogynistic and probably a rapist as well as lots of other bad things.

It’s an interesting perspective to write that your own target audience are mouth breathers and that you hate them and want them all to be swallowed up by some giant worm. But you have to look at it from a different perspective – you see, these people writing this stuff are not journalists. Journalists do their research and report facts. These writers do not do this boring sort of journalistic stuff, with all the inherent standards that go with it. No, they prefer to write about two things:

1. Their opinion, and how important and relevant it is.

And 2. Be active paid shills for gaming companies who want to flog off warmed up shit masquerading as a game.

So it’s the end of gamers according to Leigh Alexander and many more of her ilk. Is it? Where’s your evidence? What have you got to back this up? If we’re all about to enter a new world of warm fuzzies, why didn’t Depression Quest take off and sell a few million copies? The thing is, the way Capitalism works, if what they were saying were true, game companies would be making stacks of the sort of games they want to see and actively promoting them. But they’re not. And why not? Because we’re not dead, we are the majority, and these idiots are engaged in level 100 wishful thinking. But who reads game “journalists” anyway? We stopped long ago, well before you gave Grand Theft Auto 4 a ten out of ten score.

It’s time for this rubbish to all come crashing down. This is not the end of gamers. Gamers are alive and well, thank you very much. This is hopefully the beginning of the end of social justice wankers bombarding us with their socialist propaganda while taking it up the arse, (or on their knees, hi Zoe), to further their own advancement in their nepotistic bubble that consists of a world where all men are evil and rapists unless proven otherwise, unless they are gay and then they are holy, or perhaps they are of a complexion that is not as ours, which makes them more holy still, or perhaps they like to follow a religion which does not have a bloody big cross as its symbol, which in that case they’ve hit the fucking jackpot and can do what they like, and lets all make games to fit this paradigm.

Those of us who have not fallen for this rubbish, (Hi Tobold, my God you’re so stupid, aren’t you), have had enough. Gamers are not over, we are very much here. And I will continue to write for gamers everywhere who want games, not quotas, who want meaningful choice, not brain-dead activism, and who have had enough of being marginalized by this evil cohort of scum-sucking propagandist brain-washers.

And we want great games, did I mention that? Make great games.