I’ve undertaken a revamping of the blog-roll. Swept away is the detritus of the past, those that are rarely updated or I just don’t read any more, (Gank, I’m giving you a little more time). Besides this I have made some additions. None of them are gaming related. But this also reflects the evolution of my blog. While I still play video games, more and more I find myself having to be less of a passive observer of current events. These blogs reflect my growing philosophy.

Two, however, are sci-fi related.

Monster Hunter Nation is sci-fi writer Larry Correia’s blog. I like his books, but I like even more his razor sharp analysis.

Scifiwright belongs to the awesome sci-fi writer John C. Wright. He delights in the exposure of fools and useful idiots.

Mister Mean-Spirited blogs about being an individual in an increasingly liberal world.

Some more might be added in the future, but to my regular readers I recommend you check these guys out. They have all swallowed the blue pill.