As recently as 2010 I wrote a post on this blog about why people should not have to hide the fact that they enjoy video games in their spare time. Some of my most regular and free-thinking commentators said that for them to do so would be socially suicidal. I myself have never given a tinker’s cuss to what others think about me, so this was a little eye-opening at the time. Four years later and video-games are mainstream. I regularly meet people in real life who tell me they enjoy video-games. Nobody bats an eyelid.

I suppose I should be happy with this, but of course I am not. It was much more preferable when my hobby was socially maligned, because we were left the fuck alone. There were no social justice wankers, (the real abbreviation of SJW), trying to make our lives “better” by “bringing us all together” in the world of video games. It has taken them a very short time to infect the pot, but now the pot is infected indeed.

The Zoe Quinn saga is by now old news, but in the blogosphere that I inhabit, my fellow bloggers are only now waking up to what has been happening. They have also expressed surprise in the direction the drama has taken, with the attack on gamers by the very journalist sites that were supposedly speaking for and to them. The problems are two-fold with this understandable confusion. Firstly, the “gamers are dead” drama was a smokescreen invented by the parties defending Zoe Quinn to deflect attention away from what they have been up to these last few years. Secondly, these sites have been speaking at gamers for all this time, with their socialist agenda firmly in mind.

Remember dear readers, equal opportunity is simply institutionalised mediocrity. All these changes that the SJW crowd have been trying to effect in the gaming world are not designed to make games better. And by seizing upon the fact that certain elements of the gaming community are nasty is a pathetic and insulting tactic to force their agenda on us. Of course there are nasty people in gaming. There are nasty people everywhere in the world. I am insulted that I am smeared with the same brush, but I will not explain my actions to them. By doing so, one buys into their controlling social agenda. Much better to stay above the liberal crowd. I will not be part of the herd.

Which brings me back to my initial point. We gamers used to be social pariahs. Which is how I liked it. It was better when it wasn’t socially acceptable for us to say we were gamers, because the very people that would “accept” us socially are the very people now causing all these problems. For the true gamers out there who want nothing more than good games there can be only one recourse. Tune in next time for what that is.