I’ve been having an internet comment fight over at Spinksville. In the past Spinks and I have got on well. She’s pretty smart, and by the sounds of it a good gamer, and I like that in people. But now she’s bought into the whole “inclusion equals equality equals why can’t we all be nice to each other rubbish”, so we’ve been having a nice lowbrow little argument over at her blog.

But it got me thinking. Because at the end of her last comment she said:

“… I just find the saddest part of this is as gamers, we should be cheering when our industry expands and brings in new people to game with …”

As I said in my comment to this, why is more people necessarily a better thing? In my direct life experience, more people usually equals a higher suck ratio. More means more idiots, more people who don’t recognise a half-decent game, more trolls, and more mouth breathers. The very people that Spinks and her ilk complain about all the time. It reminds me of that newbie blogger initiative bullshit that they trot out now on an annual basis. Socials only feel comfortable when they are lots of fellow socials in their group. They cannot stand on their own. An extreme example is when a young teenage girl gets lured into prostitution. The vast majority of them then lure all their girlfriends in as well. It makes them feel better when they’re all in the shit together.

But more than that, socials want social recognition and confirmation that they are “good people”. They want social justification that what they are doing is socially acceptable. That is the most important thing to them. Gaming comes a distant second, and that is why I take the moral high ground on this issue. I know that some of my regular readers are getting sick of this subject, and decrying my “negativity”. But when the drums of war beat the only thing to do is get up and fight or run away. You don’t like my negativity, then run away. I’m not forcing you to read this blog.

There’s another reason why socials want more people in whatever their collective hobby is. When they mean more people, they mean more people like them. More people who have a social agenda first, and a love of the hobby second. They use collective mass to overwhelm their opponents. “See how many people want this!” they chant. One by one they take over the institutions that people set up from a love for whatever they were doing.

Spinks wrote: “… Games don’t have political screeds on their loading screens …”

I thought so too until I bumped into a male NPC with a husband in Elder Scrolls Online.