A quick post here that is important and one which I will refer back to in the coming weeks. The topic is the definition of the term ‘gamer’. This is important as it has been hijacked by the SJW crowd and academia posing as game journalism in order to pit gamers against each other. First they announced that the term was dead, which was fantastically stupid and alerted a lot of people as to what has been going on behind the scenes now for some time. Now they’re trying to break it down and pit various sub-groups against each other. Divide and conquer is their motto.

So let us get it nice and clear right from the outset.

Definition of ‘Gamer’:

A person who plays video games as a hobby and interest.

That’s it. Simple, eh? Not so fast. The term ‘person’ is key. If you identify as anything else in this equation then you are not a gamer. You are a person with an agenda that is using the gaming industry to advance your pet cause. Some examples:

A woman who plays games.
A man who plays games.
A homosexual who plays games.
An Asian who plays games.
A liberal who plays games.
An old person who plays games.
A young person who plays games.

Need I go on? If you play games once a month or 24 hours a day every day of the year then in general terms there is no difference; you are gamers. If you play on different platforms, it doesn’t matter; you are gamers. If you play MMOs or first-person shooters, it doesn’t matter; you are gamers.

But if you announce that you are X and a gamer, it matters; you are not a gamer. You are the enemy.