Damion Schubert is dumb. How dumb is Damion Schubert, you ask? Damion Schubert is fucking dumb. Surely he can’t be that dumb, you say? Really, he is so dumb he makes retarded people look like they’re ready to invent cold fusion. Now I know you’re joking, you exclaim. Nobody that dumb could even manage to tie their shoelaces in the morning, let alone work out that it’s unhealthy to breathe and eat at the same time.

Well, as proof, he did write this:

“… Most modern armed forces, including those in the US, now recruit women as well as men. So do most terrorist organizations – 15% of all suicide bombers in groups that allow women in. Female security guards are not particularly unique – heck, Bioware has several. There are certainly women in prison – nowhere near the rate of men, of course but certainly enough to give Orange is the New Black plenty of story material. In video games, all of these are non-existent, unless they also have a speaking role.

Yes, what I’m saying is that there is a feminist argument that we should be shooting more women in video games …”

Read it again. Go on, I dare you. That’s right. There’s not enough women blowing themselves up in video games. That is unless they have a speaking role first …

“You infidel pigs! I’m going to detonate this …!” Boom.

I wonder if he gets upset when he sees a WWII game based on, hell I don’t know, the battle of El Alemein, and he notices that no women are getting shot or blown to smithereens. Better get the SJW crowd onto that forthwith, I dare say. But Damion Schubert is not just dumb. He’s also a coward. Damion Schubert being a coward exhibit A:

“… Having more females with guns in your game will lessen criticism of other areas. Having the amorphous, faceless women of the world take roles like soldier, mercenary, guard, criminal, and cop – presenting a vision of the world where women can take positions of strength – will make it far less objectionable when you, as an artist, want to include that strip club or whorehouse. A world where women CAN choose a role of strength and power but some choose not to is… well, not just less objectionable, but also far closer to, you know, reality …”

You see, Damion Schubert, game designer, doesn’t really want women in his games in combat roles because it’s not that close to reality, [no shit, it took him a while – ED]. But because he’s such a spineless grovelling little white knight SJW gamma-male, he thinks that the best way to get his whorehouse women in his games is by giving the socialist equality agents a token amount of chicks-toting-guns. That way they’ll be happy, and he’ll get his crack-whores in his games where they belong.

Which means we now return full circle to Damion Schubert being dumb. Because the quota-loving femi-nazis are never satisfied. You can never give them enough chicks in combat fatigues, Damion. They will never be happy. And it’s fools like you that enable them in the first place. Because you’re dumb.

(Incidentally, I briefly considered that Damion’s post was satire. But then I realised that it’s not possible seeing as he’s incapable of first-level thinking, let alone second or third.)