So Titan is gone. There is a lot of speculation that this is due to Destiny beating them to the punch. I have difficulty with the idea that a company would spend a lot of money and years of development on a game and then dump it when a similar game was released. A game that is also only playable on consoles. I can’t tell you about Destiny because I can’t play it as I only have a PC. Perhaps Titan has been dropped because Blizzard has realised the MMO market has changed and a major release won’t pay for its costs. While a lot of money goes into the development of a major title, a lot more money goes into its release and day to day running while it’s up.

Maybe we’ll never know the real truth. But the really interesting story is what Blizzard is going to do with all that game development talent. A well known post from Elder Game back in 2009 explained the difference between a development team, (the A team), and the team that manages a live game, (the B team). Essentially the job of the B team is to keep the game running without screwing up the original vision of the game. I am sure that most of us can agree that the original vision of WoW has been well and truly screwed over the course of the last few years.

Nobody outside the Blizzard bubble knows what Jeff Kaplan is doing right now. Apart from him there are over a hundred other developers and designers that have been working on Titan for almost seven years. It’s a lot of talent. WoW has a new expansion in the works but its numbers have been going south for quite a while now. If Blizzard announced that the original team was taking over WoW again I think that would get a lot of people excited. I would be interested enough to update and take a look. And I haven’t even thought of returning to WoW for over three years now. Something to watch methinks.