It’s been a while since I posted anything about the gamergate saga, mostly because I’ve been busy, but also because it’s been humming along nicely without my help. But Spinks has been at it again with her dumb-assery, so I felt obliged to write up a little retort.

Oh, so poor little Anita has been getting death threats again, has she. And your sources are the New York Times, The Guardian, Le Monde, and fucking Kokatu? A site that has been so discredited in this entire saga that it barely deserves to update its home page? And three publications that are so left wing they make Stalin look like a mouth breathing Republican? Oh, and the woman herself. Poor Anita has been receiving so very many death threats. She must have an entire protection squad of concerned officers of the law surrounding her every move. Right? Right?

Nope. I suppose I could make up a death threat now. Stick it on the internets. I got a death threat! People want to kill me! Oh the humanities!

You know what a death threat is? Salman fucking Rushdie. Now that’s a death threat. 25 odd years under police protection and still going strong. Or how about Theo Van Gogh? That was an actual death threat made good. Those are death threats. Anita Sarkeesian has about as much chance of being killed by a death threat as I have of strangling tonight in my own bed sheets, (600 Americans a year die this way, incidentally …) The death threats are a load of shit because even if they were made, (which I very much doubt), nobody, and I mean nobody is taking them seriously. Nobody who counts, I mean. Sure, Anita can cancel an appearance here and there, but that’s all just a nice fat smokescreen to keep the whole thing turning. Death threats are all she has left. It must be sad waking up and realising that you need to invent another death threat to stay relevant.

And Spinks, just so you know, GamerGate isn’t about Anita’s pathetic videos. It’s about the one area of society that has finally resisted the insidious creep of politically correct Marxist socialism masquerading as people who just want what’s ‘best for you and the whole wide world’. We don’t want your “equality.” We don’t want your “dialogue.” We don’t give a shit about “diversity”. We don’t care for your “empowerment”. And the words, “racist”, “misogynist” and “bigot” have lost all meaning thanks to you and your ilk. You can stick your “Privilege” up your ass, and shove “pangender”, “gay-friendly” and “minorities” there with it.

You have a lovely day now.