The GamerGate saga is funny for so many reasons. On the one hand we’re told by the pinkshirt media that the GG crowd is a bunch of loser nerds who deserve nothing more than to have their precious candy world taken away from them. On the other hand apparently these powerless nerds are picking women apart right left and center and stopping them from even entering the gaming industry. You’d think they’d be able to make up their minds. Are we all powerful or powerless? And there are lots and lots of mainstream media crapping on about GG and how bad and awful and evil we all are. Check out this list that a guy put together of all the so-called media outlets rallying against the GG barbarians at the gate.

On the one hand the pinkshirts say that the GG crowd are irrelevant and there is nothing to see, but on the other hand they do seem to be doing an awful lot of writing and running around like headless chickens about them. And this has been going on for almost two months now. What’s going on? I mean, what’s really going on?

The answer is that finally a core group of people stood up and refused to let their hobby be taken over by political activists with a severe agenda to burn. This is the first time that they have been stood up to, and they do not like it. Witness the amount of noise they are making. Witness the carry-on about “death threats”, (if someone is really giving you a death threat, the last place you talk about it is on twitter as one of my commenters said.) The pinkshirts took over the sci-fi/fantasy literature field with great success, so they must have figured that gamers were going to be an easy mark.

The first big hurdle however, is the fact the games can be very expensive to develop and maintain. Good games, that is. Anyone can write crap like Depression Quest. And the companies that make these games know who their core audience is. And I can tell you right now, it’s not women. Do you play Angry Birds, or some other crappy game? You’re not a gamer. The term gamer originates from hardcore war-gaming players back in the late 60s and early 70s. Try playing Advanced Squad Leader or the unbelievably complex Drang Nach Osten! and see how you go before your head implodes. That’s where gamers and gaming comes from. That is its roots. Games like EVE Online have their genesis in serious war-gaming. This is the history of the core market that the pink shirts have been trying to take over with their cries of “more women developers!” and “more gays and minorities” and any other inane brain dead label they attempt to attach.

We don’t care about you. You could say that we sacrifice babies on the alter of insane Gods and that we drink their blood and we still couldn’t care less about what you think. You are out of your depth. The fact that you’re all still in denial about the state of play is self-evident. You can drum up any media organisation to rant and rave and write searing drivel about how all your “rights” have been violated and it will not matter an inch.

The games we want we still get made the way we want them.

Companies know this and are responding appropriately.

You will get no concessions from us.

You will lose.

But keep making all the noise you want. We’re having a great time watching your ship go down. And more importantly, it’s beginning to give people in other areas a bit of heart.