Apparently, feminists want equality for women. You would think that this would mean that they want a level playing field, but that is the last thing on their agenda. A major part of the anti-gamergate crowing by the pinkshirts has been that the gaming industry should do more to encourage women. Thus are destroyed their lofty goals of equality. I mean, how is it possible to desire a level playing field but then also want special treatment at the same time? The two are like oil and water. But making sense with the SJW crowd never does any good – logic is anathema to them.

Requiring special treatment sends the automatic message that on their own women are not good enough. Even the act of encouraging women is self-defeating. If you want something then you should just go and do it. Roberta Williams didn’t require any special help, she just went and did it. And she did very well, not because she was a woman but because she was a game designer.

The next pillar they latch onto is that women already in the gaming industry require more support. Why exactly do they need this? If they are unable to do their jobs well and compete with their peers then they’re in the wrong business. But the pinkshirts mistake businesses that exist only to be profitable for pseudo-social security agencies that exist just to make women feel better about their own inappropriate career lifestyle choices. Notice that men in the same roles have to compete equally ruthlessly. This is a tough and lean industry that cannot afford to carry people. Man or woman, you need to perform. If men don’t perform then they’re out, chewed up and thrown to the sidelines. If women don’t perform …?

Then they need to stand as equals in another way. There are a few methods in which this can be achieved. Firstly they can skew the game company to produce games that their meager talents are better suited. This, however, has the unfortunate side effect of the games sucking big fat donkey balls and not enough people buying them. At this point they need to up the ante and declare that traditional gamers are “insert your label here.” The best way to make this stick is to solicit the gaming media to your cause, and those talentless hacks are only too willing to come along for the ride as their white knight status is made for such an undertaking. Favorable coverage for inferior product is thus assured, and anyone who disagrees with them is a “racist” or a “misogynist” or a “bigot” or a “homophobe” or many similar meaningless monikers.

And thus we arrive at the sorry GamerGate mess in which we find ourselves. It will be easy for my enemies to attack me with this post and title. They will equate my stance as meaning that I don’t want women in the industry. It is the natural stawman argument for these types. But I merely do not want women, men, hobbits, homosexuals or anyone else for that matter to be encouraged to join the gaming industry. I simply want great designers to have the necessary drive and motivation to step up and make great games that people want to play. After all, we did it for a good thirty years before all this hoopla started. And contrary to the pinkshirts assertions, good people are not being driven out of the industry. Mediocre hacks with as much talent as my left nut-sack are simply finding that their manipulations have met their Waterloo in the form of a very determined group of people who have woken up just in time to the fact that their hobby was being subverted.

Nobody should be encouraged to do anything for that matter. Get up and stand on your own two feet with the talent and motivation that God gave you. If you are a woman and you identify as a woman first and then a gamer, then you’re a fraud. You should simply identify as a gamer. Your sex has nothing to do with it. When you make it so then you begin a self-fulfilling prophecy to victim-hood status. Which is fine, as long as you stay out of our games and find solace in something else. I suggest chocolate.