Vox Day has a post up concerning what is supposed to be a leaked internal post from Gawker Media’s Nick Denton. Here is the interesting bit:

“… It was there all along and oh so very simple. infiltrate the group and kill
them from the inside. The media parade that has been going on for weeks
now hasn’t done anything worth a damn. Time and effort thrown out the
window with needless articles over this shit show. None of it has made a damn bit of difference until now. Everyone is eager to throw themselves at mainstream outlets. but none of them are eager to spend the money they are already using to fix this problem the right way. So I had someone send out feelers looking for people to work on a “special project” for me. Those that made it through screening have been taking part in an effort to police the group from the inside, causing a wedge to be driven amongst them. Today serves as evidence of money well spent. they have begun to crack and their influential people are beginning to part ways with the group.

Eventually there will be such a small minority that it will just blow over and nobody will care …”

My bullshit antenna went up very quickly on reading this. If gamergate was really such a problem and you had gone to such lengths to infiltrate its activities, why would you be sending out this sort of rubbish even internally? This seems to me to be an attempt to salvage something from their own failed infiltration attempt. In other words, their initial plan didn’t work so maybe they can stir up the gamergaters by “leaking” this one out to the general mainstream. Once again, and I’ve said it before, the anti-gamergate crowd is in serious trouble because their usual tactics are not working and they are not astute enough to put themselves in the heads of their opponents in order to figure out what to do. They think everyone sees the world the same way that they do and they react accordingly.

There is another possibility as well. That they really did do an infiltration attempt and that this memo was indeed leaked from inside Gawker. Which behooves me to ask, who has exactly done the infiltrating here? You’re boasting internally that you’ve gone and infiltrated your enemy and someone on the inside of your organisation leaked that out? That’s kind of embarrassing and ironic all rolled up into one fun-bag of shame if you ask me. Either way the panic continues.