One of my very first posts on this blog was how I set up my action bar in WoW. And now I’m getting serious about ArcheAge I’ve used the same method here with good success. For those too lazy to click the link, essentially what I do is bind the majority of my combat abilities to the scroll wheel on my mouse. Scroll up and I make my main attack. Scroll down and my secondary which has a combo effect as well. And then click the mouse wheel for my third main attack.

Three options doesn’t sound like much but the possibilities are endless when you take other keyboard buttons into account. Most of my stuns are locked into the mouse wheel in the same positions, but I activate these by hitting shift at the same time. So shift + mouse wheel forward is my main stun. My healing and escape options are bound to Alt + mouse wheel. On top of that I have a logitech g600 mouse which has 12 buttons on the side grip for a variety of other possibilities. But I find these close together and it can be tricky in tight moments. That’s why a mouse wheel option is so good as you cannot make a mistake.

Recently I was talking to an MMO player who uses an infra-red mouse. This player has played primarily PvE games in the past. I want to make it clear that you will get slaughtered in PvP with a cordless mouse. The difference in reaction time with a mouse with a cord is big enough to be the difference between life and death in PvP.