So Trion badly stuffed up their Auroria release which resulted in a huge percentage of players being locked out with a disconnect issue while a lucky few swooped in and took all of the new land release. I was one of those locked out players and i gave up attempting to log in after half an hour. Saylah over at Mystic Worlds has a good little rundown of the event and its problems. (Incidentally, I think she has some of the best, if not the best current commentary of ArcheAge so give her new blog a look).

There has been some major meltdown on the official forums and a good deal of butt-hurt and general angst is present there in all its glory. Myself, I’m not too fussed. If a bunch of players get all upset and leave the game crying into their cornflakes, well that just leaves more goodies for the rest of us. The biggest whinge at the moment is that there is not enough land and it’s not fair! What these people fail to understand is that land and its cost is based on supply and demand. So if a wave of players leave the game then the cost of land will go down. That is how basic economics works, [try telling that to EU governments – ED]. At the moment I have a little 8×8 plot in Hasla courtesy of Syncaine’s abortive attempt at the game. But even without that plot there is so much to do in this game and so very many ways to make money that purchasing land is not going to be a problem.

The problem that these players have is that, they want land right now! Now, baby! Now! These are the people that you can make a lot of money off if you’re selling. It’s why credit companies exist. let’s face it, the majority of people in real life suck very badly at the whole money thing. If you’re currently in debt then you unfortunately are one of those people. Gevlon is a master at making money from players who aren’t able to plan a shopping trip profitably and I’m not too shabby at it myself either. Myself, I’m more than happy to sit back, work on my fishing, get a bit better at PvP, do trade runs, maybe get a little clipper and sail around the oceans, mine lots of iron ore at the vast ore area I found that not many players know about, and keep leveling my toon. All these are fun and I will be steadily making the monies. And I will be keeping my eye on the land market. And when the time is right I will begin to acquire. That is my long term plan. And Trion’s enormous balls-up has just played right into my hands. Or to put it another way, I plan on making the most of this stuff-up on their part. You should too.