The favored attack of SJWs is the ad hominem. It’s an easy way for them to feel safe and secure in the false characterization of their intended victim, and it’s a big trap for the unsuspecting recipient. For the inexperienced layman coming across this situation, one’s normal reaction is to go on the defensive and attempt to explain why you are not whatever they are accusing you of being. This plays right into their hands as they then embark on continuing rounds of illogical argument designed to drive their victim to despair. A common tactic is to get the victim to apologise – apologising isn’t so hard, is it? This again is a big trap, much like when they ask for concessions – give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. And they are never ever satisfied. They will keep going until you are destroyed.

So for the unitiated I have prepared a sample list of common ah hom attacks that SJWs use in these situations. This list is not comprehensive, (it is rather difficult to keep up with the bewildering number of terms which they continue to invent as it suits them), so I encourage my faithful readers to add their own to this list. Perhaps some SJWs can chime in, in case I’ve missed any that they know about! Ahahahahahahaha. But seriously folks …

Racist – a white person who disagrees with a non-white SJW on any matter.

Misogynist – a man who disagrees with an SJW female on any matter.

Homophobe – a man who disagrees with a homosexual SJW on any matter. For some reason females are exempt from this tag.

Fascist – Term used by an ‘intellectual’ SJW in place of Racist.

Bigot – Back-up insult used together with one of the other terms to add weight to the abuse.

Vandal – Someone who disagrees with an SJW over anything to do with the environment.

Denier – Anyone who refuses to follow the Great Global Warming scam.

Gamer – a new insult signifying a person who does not agree that games should be a platform for SJW activism.

Sexist – Back-up insult used with one of the other terms to add weight to the abuse.

Rapist – a man who does not adhere to a strict, vague and ever-changing performance and behaviour criteria during any form of physical contact with a female.

Traitor – any female or non-white person who disagrees with an SJW on any matter.

Not a real ‘…’ – someone of a protected sub-group who disagrees with an SJW on any matter. For example, “He is not a real homosexual.”

Victimizer – anyone who opposes any SJW on any matter.

Intolerant Oppressor – a person who objects to another culture’s practice no matter its shape, form or intent.

Nazi – a person who publically wins an argument against an SJW.

Tea-bagger – a woman or gay man who is penetrated by a non-SJW man.

Sock-Puppet – a lower caste version of a victimizer. Victimizers are a legitimate threat to SJWs, whereas sock-puppets are akin to bees in a bee hive. Trust me, it makes sense to them.