Last week, good old Damion Schubert wrote another long-winded waffle-bucket post outlining in excruciating dullness how us folks at #GamerGate supposedly had a terrible week.  You would think after reading that post, [only possible if you enjoy such pleasures as masturbating with a cheese-grater – ED], that the #GamerGate movement was about to surge down a plughole into oblivion.

But if we had a bad week last week, then the AntiGamergate movement has had a shitstorming fucktard of a week up to now. I joined Twitter for the express purpose of keeping up to date with events, and Lordy, it’s been an eye-opening experience. Here are just a few of the catastrophic adventures from the SJW pinky left who oppose good games and demand equalities and wymens and, you know the deal by now.

Schubert accused us of horrible Holocaust denial in his post, but at least we didn’t go around advocating that our opposition should all be thrown into Treblinka’s newly re-opened gas chambers. For that we have to thank a sniveling nobody known as Geordie Tait, who not only advocated the mass-killing of GamerGate supporters, (thanks mate), he also had an epic meltdown when the site he writes for changed their tagging system, resulting in him writing a long diatribe on facebook of all places when he assumed they’d struck out all his previous ‘articles.’ Fail-cake doesn’t get bigger than this.

But one nut-bag doesn’t represent the #anti-gamergate movement. Right?

Wrong. Here’s a nice catalog of industry figures giving their support to this little trumped-up Nazi, [apparently he likes his own Facebook posts – ED]. Thankfully the #GamerGate movement isn’t one to assume that one individual speaks for all …

Then we had major D list celebrity Wil Wheaton write a gloriously facile op-ed post in the Washington Post, where he advocated for the removal of anonymity in gaming, under the guise of if you’ve got nothing to hide why hide at all? The real reason that dropkicks like Wheaton desire this cloak to be lifted is that the person making a comment is more important than the comment itself. They’d like nothing more than to be able to go on a personal attack on any individual that crosses their path, which of course is hugely ironic considering the majority of their wailing is when their own tactic is turned against them. Mind you, I’m quite happy that good old Wil has jumped on the opposition’s bandwagon, although I’m not too sure that they’re all that happy about it.

Journalist Milo Yiannopoulos who tweets under the name @Nero, was banned from Twitter this week for apparently saying things that SJWs don’t like, [he’s the ‘wrong’ type of gay man as far as they’re concerned -ED]. 12 hours later his account was reinstated after a furious Twitter war resulted in the SJWs having a most short-lived victory. But as I tweeted, the only reason they tried to get him banned in the first place was because his words do great damage to their crumbling house.

But the best thing to come out of this week was #OpSKYNET, named for operation Skynet out of the terminator movies. This was launched in response to the previous week’s infighting which resulted in a lot of supporters of #GamerGate realising that they didn’t want to rely on authority figures within the movement to carry it forward. The movement is grassroots and intends to stay that way. We are advocating only one thing, and that is good games. #OpSKYNET was a huge success, so much in fact that poor old Schubert wrote a wailing post of angst in which he lamented at length on the fact that Twitter is broken because his side isn’t winning.

A week is a long time in #GamerGate.