Soon after you begin playing ArcheAge you will begin to wonder how to get some of your very own land. Even if this was never your gaming intention, you will succumb. As you journey through the world you will see player farms, houses, aquatic farms and housing, castles, workstations, and nudist colonies. And you will start to want your very own piece of the world. And then you will cry and mash your face against your keyboard in frustration.

Here are a few tips to help you through the wilderness. Firstly, there are two ways to get land – buy some or do some starter quests and be lucky enough to find an unclaimed plot. Buying is fraught with danger as there are unscrupulous individuals who like nothing better than to take your coin and run for the hills. It works like this; buyer gives them the money to buy the land, they take the money and laugh in buyer’s face. Or, they dismantle their plot for the buyer to place their own, which they do and then the buyer laughs in the seller’s face.

How to Buy:

One of the two parties needs appraisal certificates which can be purchased from the in-game store or on the auction house. The party that stumps up the certs will lose 15% of the transaction due to the costs involved so negotiate wisely on this one. With the certs in hand the seller can open a window which lets them set the selling price, (the number of certs required will reflect this), and then they can list the property for sale. They can put the property up for general sale, (some little 4 sale signs will pop up in each corner of the plot), or they can specify a buyer by name, which is hopefully you. If they specify by name then only that player can click on the signs and complete the transaction.

If you sell your original 16X16 farm plot you cannot obtain another one in game except by purchasing another. Also, as far as I can ascertain, it’s not possible to sell 8X8s in this manner, so be very wary of scam merchants trying to pull a swifty on you.

How to Build:

Soon after you start a new toon you will stumble across a quest with the Blue Salt Brotherhood about farming. Following this quest to its conclusion gives you a small farm plan and the materials to set it up. This is the only way to get a small farm in the game. These cannot be purchased by any means. You cannot even sell them between alts, or even mail them between alts for that matter. Set up your little farm if you can find a spot and now you can do a little bit of farming. Yey! Mine is on a little outcrop high up in Hasla.

But soon you will tire of the boundaries of this small property and yearn for bigger things. Complete the 16×16 quest line, (which involves you having to turn a trade pack into the enemy faction’s port across the sea – fun times!), and you have the plan for your large farm, (but not the mats.) Finding a spot for this baby, however, is vastly more difficult. Last night we had a rough dozen of our guildies at an expiring large scarecrow plot and it was nabbed by a player who wasn’t even there using a hacking program.

Small farm plots, thankfully, are easier to find and less fought over. With the release of the new expansion we’ve seen a number of these become available. As well, the price of land has fallen, with 16x16s going for around 400-600g gold, whereas before they’d routinely fetch 1400.

Multiple 8x8s:

This can be done, but not with farms. Let’s say you have your original 8×8 but another one is expiring soon near your isolated little plot and you’re salivating at the thought of picking up the land. The key is to claim it with a workstation such as a leatherworking or carpentry bench. The plans for these can be purchased on Mirage Isle using 30 gildas. Get your plan and plonk it down on the land, (hot tip – when placing the workbench, adjust it by 45 degrees so the corners are at right angles to the plot corners. This will enable you to utilise the corner spaces to plant small crops.) Now all you have to do is pay the taxes and build two trade packs, (stone and leather if you want to build a leatherworking bench for example), and you have another plot. A whole bunch of things can be added to a workstation, such as storage chests, farmers work stations, and decorative items. And now you’re well on your way to becoming an ArcheAge land baron … of sorts.