Have you ever heard of the IGDA? Until yesterday, I hadn’t. Apparently they’re the “International Game developers Association” that have a sub-branch called WiG, (Women in Games …). I heard about them yesterday due to the fact that they actively supported, promoted, and it may turn out helped get off the ground a nice little Twitter “blockerbase” designed to block twitter accounts from their users twitter lists under the pretext of those being blocked being labelled guilty of harassment, a word which is in great danger of falling off a cliff due to being used incorrectly. I’m pretty disappointed at not being on the list. Other #GamerGate supporters are apparently launching legal action. Twitter has, of course, exploded, (another word in danger of dissolving into obsolescence).


All of this is fun and illuminating in many ways. #GamerGate continues into its third month, a lifetime on the internet, and i can tell you that it’s not 100 users making 60% 0f the posts. Good old Damion Schubert continues to post about #GamerGate without drawing pause for breath, whilst simultaneously declaring it a dud warhorse devoid of any influence. And apart from banning on general lists, (that one I linked to, by the way, includes over 10,000 twitter accounts), there’s now the resounding push from the anti-#GamerGate camp to label any supporters of the #GamerGate movement as … wait for it … misogynists.

You’d think they’d come up with something new by now.


Let’s talk about this miserable excuse for a man who has articulated so thoughtfully his position on the topic. Leaving aside the fact he is brandishing a knife, [is he insinuating that he’s going to go all ‘Jihad John’ on our asses? – ED], this is what you could happily label a “useful idiot”, although we’d have to leave our definition of the term useful rather broad. He is a white knight. He is a member of the male gender who is unable to attract a woman in the traditional sense, (assuming in this day and age that it is in fact a female that he wants to attract). To compensate for this handicap, these individuals seek to insinuate themselves on the side of that which they so desperately desire. With the left, it’s always about the sex you know. At school, if in fact he’s not still there, his strategy would have been to position himself as a girl’s male best friend. He would be her shoulder to cry on when those nasty boyfriends that she dated treated her badly. And he would constantly agonise over why she couldn’t see that he was the perfect guy for her.

These sad people become older, although they don’t grow up. Damion Schubert is simply a more sophisticated version but still cut from the same cloth. As they become more repressed, so their feelings of outraged indignity intensify. They will charge in to defend women at any price, in any situation, on any battlefield. No matter the nature of the person they are seeking to protect, she is above reproach because she is a she. And anyone who attacks her, and attacking means just being on the side of those who desire no more collusion and corruption in gaming journalism, is labelled a misogynist.

These members of the male gender are traitors to their own sex. They are quislings and they should be treated as the pariahs they are. They see no hypocrisy in their stance. The fact that they themselves are members of what they are seeking to condemn does not hold weight nor occur to them. They are apologists for an extreme feminist movement that would like nothing better than to see men wiped from the face of the earth as they dream of a future utopia where children are conceived artificially from banks of frozen sperm. The battlefield of #GamerGate is merely another front in the war on men in which these parasitic creatures so gleefully participate.

And they’re still not getting laid. Because the worst thing you can do is put the pussy on a pedestal.