I love games. I have played them in some form or another all my life. I count myself fortunate to have seen my hobby expand and develop in new and exciting directions. And I value it enough to want to defend it when its very existence is threatened. In Ayn Rand’s ‘The Fountainhead’, the character of Ellsworth Toohey is the main villain of the piece. It’s startling how prescient Rand was. Toohey’s tactics of infiltrating and tearing down of an institution by the gradual erosion of its standards is the tactic du jour for the left and their long march through our cultural institutions. They have contaminated and torn down universities and schools, social groups and networks, (such as the CWA in Australia), the media, journalism, art, film and books. Their destruction of the science fiction genre is an illustrative case in point. The Nebula and Hugo awards today mean nothing, a heady fall from grace in a mere 25 years which began in 1988. I was seventeen that year and I have watched the dissolution of a genre I loved with helpless despair.

And now they want our games. And they are using the same tactics as before. A concession here, a seemingly small change there. A gradual building up done with infinite patience over a long period of time. But the key to their assault has always been patience, and that is where they fell down with GamerGate. The ease with which they have won in so many fields of battle made them overconfident and weak. And they played their hand too quickly. And they reacted far too quickly when the general gaming population stirred.

“Depression Quest” was not a game. That was the point. Their tactic has always been to create poor hollow parodies of the art they hate and cannot replicate for lack of talent. The trick has been to get their versions accepted as the norm. Death by a thousand cuts. Controlling the media is the key to winning this in the gaming industry. Controlling the Nebula and Hugo awards was key to overcoming the science fiction genre, amongst other things.

GamerGate is about the gaming media, of course, but one must not confuse the issue and equate that the gaming media is GamerGate, because it is not. Gamergate is a reaction to the attempted subversion of the gaming industry to the left’s long march through all of our cultural institutions. It is the ultimate defense to their attack and it is vitally important to anyone who values games. To put it simply, if enough people do not stand and recognise this then we will not have a gaming hobby in the years to come. We will only have the games that they tell us we can have.

On the one hand I rejoice in the fact that Gamergate has come about. On the other hand I lament the deafening silence from the general gaming blogging community. They cannot or will not see the danger at the door. The wolf lying in their bed in grandmother’s clothing. Anita Sarkeesian is one of these wolves. She is the Ellsworth Toohey of the gaming industry, but without the smarts or the cruel ability. And she has just been publicly eviscerated. Will it wake up my fellow bloggers and gamers? Probably not, but one would be a start.