I suppose you’ve all heard the news of the demise of WoW Insider and Massively due to those corporate drones pulling the pin. For myself it was somewhat of a reflective moment; WoW Insider linked to me many times over the years, which always generated a crap-tonne of activity on the blog. And I honestly didn’t mind some of their writers, though many left me shaking my head at the screen in wonderment that people would actually get paid to write such rubbish.

Apparently not, it seems. Rubbish ultimately does not generate income. These sites have been closed for a reason and that reason is cash-flow versus cost. But barely have the ashes descended on these sites’ remains when news comes that the writers themselves intend to rise reborn with their very own replica sites, with sufficient crowd-funding from the masses, of course.

They’ll need it, and probably more than they think. But money won’t be their only big problem. All of these ‘creative geniuses’ and ‘unique and special flowers’ will have their own brilliant visions for what these new sites will do. Why they say so themselves:

“… We can choose which technologies we use in our content production rather than the media avenues provided by a parent company. We can generally be more agile. Free of our corporate shackles, we’ll be able to dive back into creating awesome content with renewed passion for what we do …”

Who is going to have the awesome job of keeping this mob in line with a single vision statement while bereft of the iron support of a parent company? Or are they going to go the route of becoming a Socialist Collective, where everybody’s opinion holds equal weight regardless of merit?

I’m expecting a launch that will get much fanfare in the blogosphere, (but little noise in the general population), followed by a hard fall into total failure. Which will be good for the blogosphere, for without these monolithic sites poaching our ideas and claiming them for their own, (which used to happen a good deal if we are all honest with ourselves), readers who want information on these games might be more inclined to come and seek us little bloggers out some more once again. The blogosphere should be celebrating the demise of these creatures, not wailing into the dying of the night.