I’ve been remiss on the blog. Been playing too much ArcheAge. Lots of playing, not much writing, but lots of thing to write about. I want to take this moment to talk about losing one of our guildies this week. We only have about 15 core members in the guild, and he was one of the most important. He was a content creator. He logged on, and did stuff. And people gravitated to that. He was a top pvper. He gave our guild credence. And he’s a great guy. He’s leaving not because he’s dissatisfied with the game, but because his internet ping in the wilds of New Zealand is shithouse. I told him to move to Australia, after all he’s just a miserable Scot, or is that a Geordie?

But he’s still on TeamSpeak which is a small consolation. Before leaving he handed out gifts and goodies. I was the most fortunate recipient of his largesse, an epherium squall cap and boots and most importantly, an epherium gale bow. The weapon is a very big deal indeed. There has been talk recently in ArcheAge that the weapon is everything, but until tonight I really hadn’t appreciated just how much. Our guildie logged on tonight as his ping was okay, and jumped into a major pvp battle against the dreaded reds.

And he did it in true Scottish style – he was naked. No armor, no clothes, just a big badass weapon that he hadn’t given away. And he murdered people. He raped the opposition. The kills piled up as I listened on TeamSpeak. It reminded me of Gevlon’s ‘Undergeared Project’ from a few years ago, but this was taking it to more of an extreme. The naked project, if you will. Except for the weapon.

ArcheAge is getting a new patch tomorrow in preparation for the increase in level cap to 55. One of the features of this major patch will be the release of obsidian weapons, better weapons than are currently in the game. I spent a lot of time levelling up leatherworking, but I think I should have concentrated on weaponry. You can have as much armor as you like but if you don’t have a similar weapon to strike back with, you better know how to really play your class.

And that is the key. I play a Stonearrow, which is a ranged dps with defensive capabilities. And If I hit an opponent with a certain combination of attacks, then I will shut them down for ten seconds with blanket silence and trip. They’ll be face-mashing their keyboard trying to attack with that big beautiful overpowered weapon that I just took away from them. Not many players know about these hidden class mechanics as they are literally hidden – the only clue being a small extra icon that you probably didn’t wonder about. ArcheAge has its problems and its detractors, but you can always compete with the credit card warriors if you know how. I like that.

I’d rather have my guildie back to steal packs off the reds in Austera though. Here’s to you, Mr Rip.