No, not Life is Futile, Life is Feudal. This is my new game, and my new obsession. I’ve been playing for two weeks now on our own little server and it is gloriously brilliant. It is so good that I am astounded that nobody is talking about this game. Maybe because it is still in Alpha. But even in this raw state, this game is better than anything out there. Anything at all. Big call, hey? Let’s see if I can back it up.

So, what is the game? The designers have done a great job of explaining the game through its lineage. In their info page on this, they state that LiF is a combination of Wurm Online, Mount & Blade, Ultima Online, Darkfall Online, Shadowbane, and EVE Online. They state why the game is similar to these predecessors, but also how it has improved on those game’s features and made them better.

First and foremost it’s a sandbox. Do what you like within the confines of the game. there are no quests, there is no story. The game is based around a Medieval feudal period. Thus, for example, weapons are historically accurate. Do you want to wield a mace? You can, but it won’t be a purple ‘Ashram’s mace of despicable power’. You can choose between a cudgel, a flanged mace, a morning star, or a war pick. How about a spear? Sure, go and choose between a basic spear, a boar spear, an awl pike or a Bec de corbin.

Historically accurate means no magic, no dragons, no silly stuff. There are no character classes. There are no levels. There are 30 different skill sets that you can increase in potential by using them and thus unlocking further skills higher up a tree.

So when you log on for the first time, what do you do? You’re dressed in rags and you have some cookies to eat. Time to start getting your shit together. Go to a tree, right click on it and a little menu comes up. Snap off a branch. Right click on the branch in your inventory and select, ‘make primitive tool’. A primitive axe would be nice to cut down a tree but that also requires a flint stone and some wild plant fiber. The fiber is on the ground in bushes. Right click the ground until you get a green square, and select gather plant fiber. You’re going to get flint from a rocky hill or mountainside, so find that, right click, select prospecting and see if search for flint comes up. Once you have all three ingredients, right click on the branch again and make your axe. Awesome. Now cut down a tree. What can you do with the log? Right click on the log and a few options come up. You want a wood billet so you can fuel a fire to keep you warm. But you’ll need a primitive saw …

From this newbie prospective, in two weeks, three of us have built a fortified position with walls, warehouses, chicken coops, a barn, tanning tubs and drying racks for leather, and a kitchen. And we’re doing this on our own little server. Because LiF at present is in closed alpha, but you can still play the game on a basic map, (which is pretty darn large really), at Life is Feudal Your own, (LiF:YO). You find it on Steam. Buying the game, which is worth the money and that cash goes to further development, lets you open a list of private servers from around the world. You can select one in your country for better ping. Or if you want you can join me on ours. We have about 10 players in total so far. We don’t know what some of them are doing. Perhaps they are getting ready to battle us …

Our server is called Unreal Aussies. If you’re having trouble you can drop a message here and I’ll help out. Have you been complaining for ages that MMOs suck and there is nothing out there but if there was you would play it?

Time to put your money where your mouth is.

ps, the graphics are excellent. Put the settings up to max if you can handle it.

pps, I have leather armor now. Attack me at your peril.