I’m playing the Witcher 3. It is probably, without putting too fine a point on it, the best single player rpg I have ever played, and I’ve been playing them since about 1986. It is everything that Skyrim promised yet failed to deliver. But more than that, it has given the giant middle finger to the social justice warriors who crave conformism under the banner of ‘equality.’

There have been rumblings on reddit and twitter about the fact that there are no black characters in the Witcher 3. One poor writer at Forbes berates himself for having missed this terrible fact, which he missed obviously because of his white privilege. It seems to have escaped these people that the game is set in a feudal Slavic country, (the game designers are unabashedly Polish). I expect next that they will take to task a faithful recreation of a game set in Samurai Japan for not having enough Black warriors to play, or wymens for that matter.

The reaction from the game designers? A frosty silence while they point at their sales figures.

But for me the real revelation was during the opening zone of the game, (spoiler alert coming). In one of the quests, you the witcher are tasked with finding a hunter who lives alone at the edge of the woods. He has some information that you require. He is a sad and cautious man having been driven from the village due to him being a ‘freak’. You as the witcher suspect lycanthropy and offer to cure him. It turns out that he was found in the hay barn with the local lord’s son doing the naughty. The son killed himself, the lord fell into a depression and his lands collapsed and the villagers ran the hunter out of town.

And here we have the first realistic approach to homosexuality in a fantasy feudal setting in a game in a very long time. Because it makes sense in the context of the world. Anything else, such as the ridiculous gay marriage in Elder Scrolls Online, merely rubs your face in their activism. This was dealt with in a mature, respectful, and realistic manner. I could have jumped for joy. In fact, I must admit to a couple of real life fist pumps from behind my computer.

If a game was set in contemporary America, Northern Europe or Australia, and had the exact same turn of events then I would be upset. Because it would likewise not be realistic for the game world in which it was set. And it would not only cause me to scratch my head and wonder if as a player I had mistaken the setting in which I was playing, it would also yank me out of any immersion that I was enjoying.

Of course, the SJWs are crowing on this subject that anyone who approves of this scene in The Witcher 3 is a homophobe etc etc rinse and repeat. And that is because they are avoiders of truth. They have their agenda, they have hoisted their colours to its flag, and so by God they must continue with the charade notwithstanding any uncomfortable realities or logical arguments that happen across their path. Logical absurdities are fine of course.

So all praise The Witcher 3. The game designers have given us a great game and given the middle finger in no uncertain terms to the SJW brigade. And they’re making gobs of money. But then again, the SJWs hate capitilism too.