So I’ve decided to come clean and put my book and personal blog out there for the gaming community. I hope that some of you pick it up and like it. It’s been out for five months now and it’s done pretty well for a first book. Right now I’m working on the sequel as well as a fantasy novel set in the present day.

My first book, ‘Pushing Rubber Downhill’ is a memoir that follows a time of my life when I was young and without much direction. It shows how I became a rafting guide and worked on four different continents and in the process achieved personal growth and change. It’s a road map to get you from A to Z when you thought you were going to B.

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My new blog is now a lot more active than this one but you can still find the same cheery take-downs of the foolish and silly that you’ve all come to know and love here at ‘The Noisy Rogue’. And I will still try to post here from time to time when the gaming mood takes me.