I got back in touch with my old ArcheAge group the other day. They were pleased to hear from me. The poor dears are still struggling on at their server in a loyal attempt to keep things going before server mergers happen in a few weeks time.

The GM is Wasabi and he is the only gamer that I’ve played with that I’ve met in real life. This is because he is a top gamer and guy and we also live in the same city. That helps I suppose. Anyway, I rang him up the other day.

“Dude, it’s Noisy.”

“Noisy. When you coming back?”

“I’m ready. What are we playing?”


That’s the problem in a nutshell right there. Wasabi is trying to talk me into going back to EVE which I played for a heartbeat many moons ago, but I’m not so sure. So we’re trying to find a game. Isn’t it just a little bit sad that it’s difficult to do this? You’d think with all the games out there that this would be easy, but maybe that’s what makes it so hard.

Anyway, we need help. We’ve got some good gamers and we’re looking for a game. Any suggestions? (Please don’t say Dark age of Camelot. It looks awful.)