Jewel at Healing the masses has a post up lamenting the cash shop in Black Desert. She really hates the cash shop with every fiber of her being. This was a surprise to me, as since playing the game from the very first day I’ve never even opened the cash shop. In fact, one of our guildies has done an extensive research into the cash shop to make sure there were no pay-to-win elements, (the debacle of Archeage hangs over us all). And he gave it a clean bill of health. Nothing to see here, no pay-to-win e-peen warriors strolling about waving their massive dicks-slash-swords in the air.

So like I said, I was a little surprised at her reaction. I mean, she wrote this:

I have to admit that I still think Black Desert Online is a terribly greedy game in terms of its cash shop offerings. Yes, the pay to win might be minimal but there are so many other systems that have been needlessly tied to the cash shop purchases in order to remove restrictions.

So she hates the cash shop but she also admits that it isn’t pay-to-win. Seems strange. But on reading further it all became clear. You see, Jewel is mad at the cash shop and the game designer because of her own poor choices and lack of self control.

I am a rather weak willed person though and even after the $50 pre purchase pack I’ve already dumped in $60 into the game and cash shop. Yes I am a horrible person and I hate myself too but in doing so it made me realise even more how utterly ridiculous this is. So much about it just seems designed to annoy enough to make money and while that might be a profitable approach because of idiots like me it doesn’t make me, and I assume others feel that happy about the game. It makes me angry again. Angry at the developers and publishers, and angry at the industry for bringing the genre into this state.

Let me repeat again – there is nothing in the cash shop that will get you an advantage in-game. She wasn’t forced to go to the cash shop and spend that money. But now she has buyer’s remorse and apparently it’s the game designer’s fault. How about that then?

What I ended up purchasing was incredibly minimal too. Enough that I’m wondering what help it even did considering I’m still noticing a lot of needless systems and restrictions that are more a marketing than a game play choice. I still don’t even feel like I’ve got half of a game, and with $60 extra spent its more like I’ve only unlocked a bare fraction of useability, of the quality of life functionality that should just be standard.

So while she’s happy that it’s not pay-to-win she’s unhappy that she personally didn’t unlock more useability. In other words, she wants it to be pay-to-win for her.

The first thing I bought was 2 extra pets. The one form the preorders wasn’t cutting it with picking up all the stuff and it really does take way to long to loot everything yourself. The pop-up box and confirmation I think are designed to be intentionally slow to annoy even more. And for fucks sake… WHY 3 pets are needed is absolutely beyond me. One pet should be easily enough to function as an area loot but no, greedy fuckers.

For those of you who don’t play the game, pets are actually a useful feature of the game as they run around and pick up your loot. Pretty nifty I thought. I have a falcon that flies around. I kill a lot of mobs but she keeps up just fine. And if you spend the time you can level up your pet as well. But Jewel needs three pets! Although why she does is beyond her. But it’s the game designers who are the greedy fuckers, not her who wants all these mad loots. Speaking of mad loots …

The other thing I bought early on was an inventory increase. Now I wasn’t the kind of person to skip every quest on my grind to 50 and completed quite a few of the ones giving a single inventory space but even then the amount you get to start is woefully inadequate. Once the pets started looting my bag filled up very quickly as each mob type has a number of junk loot things they drop that you might want to keep in order to return to certain npc’s for money.

So now she has three pets picking up her loots and her inventory space fills up! I mean, who wouldda thought it?? So now she has to purchase inventory space too! Even though every town and city in Black Desert has a free warehouse, which you can expand with storage housing, plus your cart, horse, and donkey can all store stuff. All it requires is a little bit of management but oh no, poor old Jewel doesn’t have time for that nonsense. She’s going to rush to the cash shop, purchase more inventory space and then complain about it!

Later on I put in for more inventory space and also an increase to the carry weight. I didn’t realise just how much the silver can weigh you down. I like that it is a mechanic but the way they have designed it to obviously need cash shop upgrades quickly into the game is unnecessary. Just pick a system and bloody stick with it. You want inventory spaces fine, you want weight… WHY not but don’t needlessly add them both just to double dip in the cash shop. And then there is that each city warehouse spaxe is incredibly minimal to start yet you need to upgrade each of them individual.

You get the feeling she’s just losing her nah-nah at this point. By the way, you can also store your silver in the city warehouses!

The only thing I actually felt good about buying was the wardrobe for my personal house. I don’t know why but it just looked like it made the room more compete so I picked it up with the spare pearls in my kitty.

They saw you coming a mile away, sweetheart.

The costume selection right now is rather pathetic as well. The tamer has like one main outfit to pick from and God damn that’s some ugly, impractical, and shitty design. It annoys me as well that there are so few cosmetic options in game to pick from and that you are forced into these expensive garments to look a little more different – not to mention just how stupid the dye system is right now as well. Cosmetics are a huge part of mmo game play, a big part of progression, personal goals, and just that sense only ownership and connection to ones characters and for that to mostly be stuck to that expensive cash shop shit is really… Really pathetic.

And they wonder why we didn’t want girls in games. Cosmetics are a huge part of MMO game play? What the fuck are you blabbering about? And this from the game that has the most outrageously adaptable character creation of any MMO out there.

I’ve gotten to the stage where I’m just thinking fuck em. 100 dollars is enough now and it should be enough to get a full game experience, to get an enjoyable, and cash shop annoyance free experience but no it just makes you feel worse inside. The more you spend the bigger an idiot you feel.

You’re not just feeling like an idiot, you’re looking like one too.

I really do hate this cash shop with every fibre of my being but honestly, am just so desperate for a decent mmo right now.

At this point my regular readers, (all 3.7 million of you), will be wondering why I’m taking her to task so much. Surely it would have been enough to just quote a couple of passages to get across the point that she’s dumb as two planks nailed together. But the thing is that this false whining of a non-existent cash shop issue really gets up my goat. Because there is no subscription model with Black Desert – you buy the game and that’s it. But they’ve managed to keep the cash shop non-pay-to-win which is an extraordinary outcome when you consider the countless MMO disasters based around the same model. These guys still need to make money. They still need to be able to run the servers and keep the game going.

Thankfully they have utter dimwits such as Jewel to keep it running for the rest of us. Now if only she’d have the good grace to just shut up about it.