There are a number of people who graciously follow this little blog via email updates, and I still get readers signing up even though I haven’t posted here in over 6 months. So I reckon that an update is required for my legions of slavering fans.

This blog is on hiatus until further notice simply because I have run out of things to say about video games that I haven’t either already said myself or some other writer has been there and done that.

But I am still writing every day on my other blog, Pushing Rubber Downhill. Topics there include:

Current affairs from around the world.

Masculinity and red pill awareness.

Personal finances.

Me calling out frauds and charlatans wherever I see fit to do so.

The weekly hawt chicks and links thread, (inspired viewing, I mean reading.)

And many other topics.

50 episodes of my podcast, (which is on temporary hold due to the fact that I’ve just moved back to Europe and I don’t yet have reliable internet to upload large audio files).

And don’t forget my two published books which are on Amazon and other retailers around ze worldz, (links to them at the site).

And all with my usual disregard for political correctness, niceties, or beating around the bush.

So if you’re still signed up to follow this blog and you yearn for my brilliant ramblings, head on over to the other site, sign up, and you’ll get your daily dose of awesomeness and a date with the hawt chick of your choice.