Feel free to email me with any questions regarding the blog at thenoisyrogue@hotmail.com

9 Responses to “Contact me”

  1. diego Says:

    hi.. i’m diego and i’m in the 2bls at marie curie.. I don’t speak english well but your blog is cool XD
    w the rogue

  2. Johnny Says:

    I just have a few things to say… ONE. I love your arena posts because i’m a rogue just starting up on arena as well. TWO. you misunderstood something on your Rogue Cataclysm post…. when you read recuperate is a new low level ability you interpereted that it would go away at higher levels when in reality it means that we get the ability at a low level and keep it. I’m not trying to be rude in fact i spent 20 minutes thinking of a way to word without saying something rude. One of my favorite things about your blog is that i can always be sure that when i refresh my blog reader daily there will always be a new exciting and different-from-yesterday post.
    Your Fellow Rogue,

  3. Shemhezai Says:

    Hey, Adam! Great blog, man! I just started my own at darkpact.squarespace.com. Anyway, I added you to my list of links. One of these days I’ll get some readers and when that happens, hopefully they’ll check out your site. Take care and keep ’em coming!


  4. Larryfine Says:

    Hey adam, just found your blog today and I have been reading through a few of your posts. Nice stuff you got here man. I too happen to have a rogue blog. http://www.wtbskill.com. I honestly just started in the blogging scene but I am enjoying it. Anyway I will toss you a link in my sidebar for sure. Good stuff Keep it coming.


  5. Kelvin Windle Says:

    Hey mate. Was directed to your blog via Wow insider. My first Character back in vanilla was a human rogue (Combat since lvl 40) and he is still my main. I have been tossing up about writing a blog myself and then found yours. I like your style. I am an Australian living in the pacific island paradise of Vanuatu. The entire country is connected to the world via satelite so the connection for gaming is basically shit. However I held my own during Wrath in 10 and 25man raids with my guild raiding with a 800 – 1200 ms latency. I have learnt alot of tricks, play styles, tweaks and habits that make it possible to raid and play with these shitty friggen pings. Anyway, will be getting back into wow soon with the impending release of MoP and would like to write a blog about the trials and tribulations of high latency gaming. Look forward to watching your blog for ideas. Anyway, time for a beer.


    1. Adam Says:

      Hey Windy,

      Had a mate who used to fish off Vanuatu called Brums. Heard a lot about the place. I’m back in Perth now, unfortunately, but will be also having the latency issues as I plan to keep playing on my old European server. We can compare painful moments. Let me know if you get a blog up and running.

  6. sillymili Says:

    Hi do you have a Twitter account I can follow?

    1. Adam Says:

      Hi Mili,

      No. I am allergic to twitter.

  7. papastanley Says:

    Hey Ads, will call you soonish 😉 read this and thought you’d like it – have you any thoughts on DOTA? mIght take a look, seems all the rage…

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