The title of this post is a comment that I received the other day on my ‘I got a drop’ post. The quote from the commenter in full:

“… Congratulations on the dagger, been one of those 7.3 readers for a while and your quest for a dagger has been the highlight of my week. Reading this post though, I can’t help but wonder at the greatness of GDKP and grow increasingly frustrated at my guildmates who insist that it is “The end of WoW” and “buying gear is wrong”. In cases like yours though? Thumbs up …”

This attitude was prevelant in my old guild also. I didn’t understand it then and after using and experiencing the GDKP system I sure as hell don’t understand it now. Lets look at the advantages of a GDKP system:

1: Everybody gets something. You either get the drops you want or you get gold. And it can be a lot of gold, which means that even if you aren’t much of a gold making goblin, the next time a drop comes up that same gold you earned on previous GDKP runs will enable you to bid on some gear that you need. There is nothing worse than running raids week after week, month after month, waiting for that drop and then it comes down and you to lose to the variance of a random roll. Oh of course you could be using a DKP system or something like that but this brings me to the next advantage of using GDKP …

2: It’s simple. In my old raiding guild where I was the GM, I was also in charge of the loot system. That gave me more headaches and took up more time than that chick who told me who hobbies were cooking and nymphomania. You don’t even need an addon for GDKP, (although some are available), just divide the gold by number of people present at the end of the run. Our guild uses a slightly different version where the 2nd highest bidder gets 30% of the gold from that bid. So the rogue who was bidding against me for that dagger got a clear 830 gold from me directly as well as a 10% share in the final total pot. No imputting of data after a raid, no following through with calculations trying to see who has how many points, do points deteroiate over time, do you need to be wearing a pink tutu at 12pm on the zenith of the sun in the equinox of Mars ….

3. It encourages active and smart players. The type of players who make a lot of gold are the type who investigate things to the best of their ability. They read blogs, scour the internet, try things out and make a lot of effort. They’re not the sort of players to just run a few dailies and think that’s all the gold they need. Thus these types of players will generally also be the type to research their class, boss fights, other classes etc. The type of player who has no gold, or epic flyer, or makes no effort will not do well with a GDKP system. They are excluded based on natural selection. You get a better quality player overall using this system. However, anyone can roll need.

There are some disadvantages of course. A person who was gold capped could theoretically bid on everything, but he would just be giving away gold if he did so, thus even in this situation you would still come out ahead. A hunter in our raid was encouraged to bid against the rogues on an axe drop as it was a slight upgrade for her. Her response was that it might be a slight upgrade but in the hands of a rogue it was a much bigger upgrade for her as that rogue could use the axe to get her out of the shit. This is a healthy attitude to have, but lots of players just see a loot drop and want it without any more consideration. If they have the gold they can take it from you, but you are still receiveing gold for it.

I say that buying gear is not wrong at all. Leaving gear distrbution up to random rolls is wrong and unfair and ultimately results in much frustration and bitterness for players. And making one or two officers in the guild handle a weighty and complicated loot distrubution point system is unfair as well. GDKP – you gets the loots or you gets the gold. It’s a win-win.

I got a drop. The other night, in ICC. It was just a little drop, a small thing, nothing to write home about by the name of …

Flesh Carving Scalpel, oh my god, holy bucket of snot!

Not that I’m excited or anything.

Regular readers of my blog, (all 7.3 of you), will know that I have had a dry run with regards to getting some daggers. So this baby dropped and there were two rogues in the raid – me, and some other rogue. Now normally this would be the cause of great angst to your truly as I can tell you right now that I do not have either achievement called needy or greedy or whatever they’re called. You know, the achievements for rolling 100 on something? Yeah, I don’t have those. Cause I don’t roll 100. My roll is closer to the 10 side of things. If there was an achievement for you suck at rolling then I would have had that a long time ago. That could be a good achievement line:

You suck at rolling – roll 1 on a need roll.

You still suck at rolling – roll under 10 on 20 need rolls.

You suck at rolling so much you should just stop rolling. – that would be me.

Anyway, there was no horrible random rolling problem here as this was a GDKP run. And you know I love those. So we start bidding. The rogue bids 100g, and I’m just about to bid when the hunter bids 250g. Now, I know this is a joke on her part but the other rogue immediately starts screaming and calling her a huntard. I’m assuming that he didn’t know that she is Gevlons girlfriend …

So I bid 500g, just to get things moving. He increases it to 600g which tells me that he is trying to keep the bid low. Awww … he’s trying to keep the bid low.

1000g from me.

1100g from the rogue.

1500g from me.

There is a long pause, then the rogue says; “Come on, just stop already.” Just stop already? I haven’t even got started. I’ll take this all the way to 10,000 if I have to. The rogue bids a measely 1600g. I top it off to 2000g. There is a looonnng wait. Is there a time limit on how long we can wait? Eventually the rogue says;

“Why are you even bidding, you won’t even use it!”

Ah, I see. You’re looking at my combat spec and thinking that I won’t even use it. Have you ever heard of dual fucking specs and that we are doing these raids to get drops for our little PvP mission that the guild was made for in the first place you moron??

I don’t say that of course. I just mention politely that I also have a mutilate spec. This rogue only joined the guild a week previously. He left his other guild on the realm because he wasn’t getting to raid ICC enough. Yes, you heard it right. The ganking guild is now getting recruits from the two major raiding guilds on the realm to do ICC. They were making fun of our raiding prowess a few weeks ago. We’re now 10/12 in ICC and last night we got Sindy down to, wait for it, 33,000 health before we all keeled over and died. No Alliance guild on the realm has got the Lich King down yet. It will be a source of wet dreams for us if our pvp guild can do it before the raiding guilds can. Because don’t forget that we have been concentrating on pvp gear. Some of our guildies have mega-awesome PvE setups, but a lot of us don’t. I have an ilvl 200 trinket, 213 wrists, 219 boots and 226 chest among my other crappy pieces. But still we’re 10 from 12.

So anyway, back to the bidding. His next bid is 1600g and 5 sets of leg armor, I can’t even remember what they’re called. This is amusing, I thought. Can I throw in a stack of abyss crystals? How about some fish feasts? But then Gevlon comes out with the news that his bid is now worth 2400g taking into account the AH value of the leg armor. What the fuck? It’s not valued at didley squat until he sells it. I thought this was gold bidding? Can I throw in my grandmother too? (I would have if it were possible).

So I bid 2500g. Gevlon just wanted to bump up the price as he loves weapon drop bidding wars. The dagger is mine. I hand over the gold and gaze at its icon with a tenderness bordering on madness. I will never disenchant you my beloved, never ever ever.

After the raid wraps I go and look up my new piece on wowhead. I love doing this as I get to read the long list of comments from people saying how much they love it and how they wish they could have one. But then … only 2 comments. And they’re saying how much the itemization sucks. What the fuck do they know anyway?

We ran ICC on Sunday night with the ganking guild, (which means we are a pee vee pee guild at heart for those of you who don’t know). We cleared the lower wing with ease, although we wiped once on heroic gunship when we all forgot to equip our jetpacks before the fight, (NOOOOOBBSSS!!!), and once on Saurfang because we didn’t set our handling of the adds properly.

Then we moved into the next section of the raid where I had never been before, which entailed me quickly flicking back to my saved pages of rogue tactics online. It said that the next boss was Festergut who was a simple rogue fight apart from giving people a buff when you got it, so I thought cool baby and up we went. We took down the nasty Valkyrie trash and the two big doggies and then we began fighting the boss. Perhaps I should have paid closer attention to his name because within a very short space of time I worked out that this was not a simple rogue fight, what with slimes everywhere and this guy spinning around on me so I was facing his front all of a sudden. This was not the fight that I had just read up on. This was Rotface. I managed to stay up until the wipe and then got clobbered to death. We picked ourselves up and after I read the correct fight details, we did it again. And we got him down, which was a marvelous feeling.

At that point we had to call it due to people leaving, but still it was a good run. Particularly because I finally got a weapon upgrade for my PvE spec when the Bone Wardens Splitter dropped off Marrowgar. I have been using the Kenetic Ripper which is a ilvl219 weapon for too long now so this was a huge upgrade for me. Only one problem; there was another rogue in the raid who wanted it just as much as I did. I am pretty calm when it comes to loot. I don’t get worked up, I don’t get all upset when a hunter rolls on my leather, (like fuck I don’t). But when a major weapon upgrade drops I am all over that baby like a rash.

This was a GDKP run and the first big one that I had been on. The bidding started at 100g, which my rogue friend duely began. I hit it up to 500g because I didn’t want to fuck around. He hit it up to 1000g because he didn’t want to fuck around either. And up we went to 1600g when he suddenly dropped out. I thought that it was going to have to go much higher but in the end I got off lightly. The best bids were for the ilvl264 heroic drops off the gunship – some plate and a shield, which got up around the 4000g mark for each. At the end of the run there was over 10K to divide up between everyone, so I got just over 1K back from my one and only bid. I love this syetm, I really do because everyone gets something, whether it be gold or loots or both. And the best part is that the loots go to those that really, really want them. It’s all too easy to press roll and take something away, but when you have to cough up the cold hard cash you start to understand who really wants something or not. A death knight who had only joined the guild a few days before and who had only just hit 80 scored the heroic plate armor, which looked amusing offset with all his blues.

Gevlon was raid leading and his method of getting us to pick up our game was to calmly inform us that he had cleared these very same bosses the night before with his blue geared project and their average dps was around 3500, which is a great motivator to put your head down and do the job. Now all I have to do is get my head down and make some more gold before we go in again tonight. Or maybe I’ll just sit back and let people bid like crazy and get my gold that way!