The Ruby Sanctum loot list is up and I can honestly say that I am underwhelmed. How underwhelmed? More underwhelmed than a troop of boy scouts being given a single badge? More underwhelmed than being told by your boss that your expected pay rise has been deferred until 2020? More underwhelmed than a hooker being told that she’s a pretty good lay? Yes, more underwhelmed than all of those.

We have in 10 man loot a chest, a ring and a neck piece. In 25 man loot we have some armbands, the same ring and neck and a trinket. Well, whoopee fucking poopee. Would it be too much to ask for some fucking weapons? Like some daggers? Or how about some cool stuff that we can’t get from badges, like some boots? Those would be nice. Nope, none of the above.

“But we get a trinket!”, I hear you say. Have you seen the stats on that trinket? Armor penetration and attack power. And what 2 stats are going the way of the dodo in Cataclysm? Lets see … having a look here … hmmm …

Armor penetration and attack power. So you tell me what the fuck is going on and I’ll give you a few more scout badges.

So a few weeks ago I posted that Ghostcrawler was a moron for the changes to rogues in patch 3.3. Now it seems that our awesome ‘Lead Systems Designer’ is doing the back-peddle faster than a centipide on a brakeless bicycle going downhill. Here’s what he has to say:

” … As many of you have suspected, we think rogue damage is too high. We will be making hotfixes to lower the maximum damage output of Assassination and Combat rogues. The Combat nerf will be slight. Both specs should still do just fine on damage meters (assuming skill, gear etc.) but shouldn’t be beating out other specs to such a large degree.”

Here is the link.

Now, we all knew that the mutilate buff was too over-powered. Blind Freddy could see it. But still they did it. And now we have the enevitable nerf. The problem is, as Daraia rightly points out, is that this will now mean mutilate rogues will have to re-gem all over again. Blizzard just seems to love to tinker with things. Lets tinker with this, lets tinker with that, lets tinker all over the bloody place. What they seem to fail to understand is that the continual tinkering, particularly when flying in the face of everyone else telling them that it will fuck things up, (as in the stupidly ridiculous rogue 3.3 buff), is that players are getting fed up with it. How do I gem, enchant or even gear up now when I have no idea if my decisions will be valid in the months to come?

There is one other little bit in Ghostcrawlers post that we cannot let slide by:

” … We’ll continue to refine and look at the Icecrown weapon procs.”

Lets look at a little item called Heartpierce This is for Assasination rogues, obviously, as it happens to be a dagger. Is there a similar item for combat rogues? Yes, it is called Black Bruise and it is a fist weapon. They could have made it an axe, they could have made it a sword, but they made it a fist. Sigh, oh well. We get what we are given. The proc rate on both of these items have been upgraded recently as they were proving to be a big pile of suck. Heartpierce is now considered BiS for Assasination rogues. The jury is still out on Black Bruise. If you want to follow the updates on the testing for these weapons you can follow the progress at Elitest Jerks.

Thursday is my day off which coincided well with the release of patch 3.3 yesterday. After lunch I jumped online to see what was up for offer. The first thing was to check my addons. At this point in time, Deadly Boss mods and Atlasloot have been updated and are working fine. Omen3 and recount have not. The next thing was to get my attunement for the Frozen Halls 5 man dungeon. I used the new looking for group feature which uses your realms battlegroup to find players for you to run the instance with. It was a bit slow, we had a 10 minute wait at one point to find another tank, but it worked quite well. As recount is not working I was not able to compare damage charts, but our group which had a hunter and shadow priest with me for DPS worked well. The hunter was mostly geared in lvl 245 gear and we had no problems running through the three dungeon wings. A lot of plate dropped. In fact, only plate dropped. And a two handed hammer. And a tanking cape. Sucks to be us. The dungeon was interesting, and I must say that I like attunements. Also the emblems really start piling up quickly.

I am still specced combat and I am going to stay that way unless I get some awesome dagger drops. I will be the lone rogue flying the combat flag. Yey me. The big news though is the daily raid quest. This awards 5 emblems of frost and 5 triumph. Holy crapparoony. Today all you have to do is take down Ignis the Furnace master. You can do it in 10 or 25 man, heroic or normal. I think that this is a game changing feature. You will be able to use this to gear up to raid without being in a raiding guild. And seeing as I am now guildless, this will be a nice little experiment for me to try out. The Looking for Group interface does not list raids anymore. For that you need to go into the new raid browser. Here is a guide.

The other big news? The next wing of Icecrown opens in 28 days. As I thought, Blizzard is going to string this one out. They say that the next one will be released quicker. Yeah, it’ll be 25 days.

I still have to run the Heroic version of the new 5 man instance, which I’m planning on doing tonight. The normal version was not that challenging – it was a lot of fun, but we never even looked like wiping. I have heard that the Heroic version is a good deal harder, we shall see this evening. What else? Apart from a constant stream of players spamming chat for Battered Hilts, that’s about it. Encrypted Text has a post up listing the new gear in the patch. Have fun wading through all of that. One thing about the gear, they are really pushing Haste and armor penetration. As Chase says, Hit is becoming a rare stat in Wrath end game.

Me? I’m hoping to find some new swords. Bugger those dagegrs for a joke.

Rogues have been worrying about the supposedly huge buffs to mutilate that if they go live will render Combat obsolete as a raiding class. Numbers are being touted of Mutilate rogues on the public test realms doing up to 3000dps more than combat rogues in a raid setting. Encrypted Text had an interesting post last week on the new patch notes. With the changes to Deadly Posion outlined in this post, even Christian admits that Mutilate will absolutely destroy every other rogue spec out there. Now I didn’t really worry too much about this as I was sure that such an unbalanced situation would be quickly fixed by Blizzard before the patch going live. What’s the point about getting worked up or worried before the fact? No reason at all, unless of course Mr Ghostcrawler opens his stupid fat face.

Check out this link from MMO champion to some blue posts from yesterday. It starts out with a quite reasonable post from a poster called Warrant outlining the current inbalances with rogues on the public test realms wondering if this crap is going to go live. In steps Ghostcrawler to calm down the situation. I mean, if it’s this obvious to everyone else it must be freaking slap-yourself-in-the-face obvious to Blizzard, right? Right …?

” … Yes, there would be a change. The goal is not to get every rogue to go Assassination. The goal is to give you options. If Combat totally out-performed Assassination even on a target as simple as a static dummy then we can’t see why anyone would try Assassination. I know some of you are concerned that the Mutilate buff was too high. We’ll have some better real-world (not that it is a “real world”) soon ™….”
Lead Systems Designer

What is this shit? I’ve heard less jumbled jargon from an inept politician. And he sure hasn’t done anything to concvince me that things will all be well. In fact, I am getting the uneasy feeling that things will be decidely shit. Why? Well, right now combat outperforms mutilate if you have top spec gear. I don’t have time to get top spec gear, so in my raids I’m sitting a bit below mutilate. I can live with that, but not with Mutilate getting a buff on top of that becuase, “combat has higher dps in end game raiding.”

But the real problem is summed up in this post from the same thread:

” … I guess i dont understand the uproar.

When arcane was buffed, every single mage switched over to it from fire and didnt QQ about it.

When BM was gutted, all hunters shifted to surv and didnt care.

The only QQ thats sort of comparable is affliction doing alot less than destro and not having as good of buffs as demon.

But all that happens is the stronger spec gets nerfed, and nobody is happy.

im not saying its ok that trees like combat(and sub/frost/bm) are “dead”, but all it means is you have to respec and press different icon buttons (make macros that make mutilate have the SS icon if it makes you feel any better :/)

and for those that actually pay attention, combat is right there with pures, mut is just way ahead, doesnt mean combat is non viable (yet every single rogue will spec mut because its better lol like right now with combat)…”

Apart from the fact that there was a good deal of crying from mages when arcane was over-buffed, they didn’t have any problems swithcing over. Why? Because mages don’t have any fucking weapons that’s why.
‘Spec for your weapon’, is what every newbie level 80 rogue is told and it is good advice. We are our weapons. And weapons can be very hard to get. When I get a new weapon upgrade it’s like having Santa’s hot sexy female helpers come and rub me all over. I don’t even have a dagger. You don’t just run out and pick up some daggers. They can be very tricky to get. There is a mutilate rogue in our guild who has been running Ulduar for months trying to get some new daggers. It’s like a sad joke with him now.

“How did the raid go last night? Did you get any new dagg …?”

“Just don’t talk to me, okay?”

If this new buff to mutilate rogues goes through, that is going to be me. Only nobody in their right mind will be running ulduar once patch 3.3 drops. Who would put themselves through that torture? And don’t tell me that combat has better cooldowns. They might be better, but either they’re screwed over by bad luck or I can’t even use them. There was a nice list on that thread that points out all the things that stuff up Killing Spree or Blade Flurry, among them, posions/worms, Ony & Tail whip, and Koolagarn. Honestly, how can they be seriously waiting until the patch goes live to look at this? Oh, I know – they’ve been spending all their time designing $10 vanity pets and a new holiday which nobody outside of north America gave a crap about.

Seriously, the only winner out of all of this will be enhancement shamans. They will now get free dibbs on every single sword, mace, fist and axe out there.