Since I stopped having to drive 90 minutes to work every day I’ve been listening to a lot less podcasts. Which has seriously effected my ability to set my teeth into some poor unfortunate podcasters. Way back in December, Ryan from the Warcraft Lounge podcast dropped me an email asking me to give their podcast a look and a subsequent review. However, seeing as they had only just begun I begged off, and asked for some time as I wanted them to get some episodes under their belt before I castrated them. So almost half a year later, here we are! And we’re up to episode 15 on their podcast, which are enough episodes to get an idea if this is a podcast worth listening to. I also wanted to make sure that they were actually going to stick with it; I mean, how many bloggers and podcasters have come out all guns blazing and a couple of months later they’re about as active as a nun’s sex life. So I wanted to see if they were going to stick with it, and stick with it they have. So far.

The podcast gets off on the right foot immediately for me, with some Herb Ellis inspired jazz tunes giving us a nice introduction. And then we’re into the show. Your two hosts are Ryan and Chris. Ryan is the calm guy who probably thinks through all the possibilities open to him before choosing what socks to wear in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that in a bad way; he’s just a laid back dude who calmly makes his way through all options open to him. He doesn’t rush in and make any pronouncements off the hip. His co-host Chris, on the other hand, is the sort of guy who likes to rush in and give you his opinion immediately, whether you want it or not. Sometimes this is good. Sometimes it seems that his brain’s connection to his mouth has been switched off. I’ve taken umbrage to some of his comments before on this blog, which he foolishly tried to defend, although I did commend his effort. And when Chris is wrong, he’s wrong in a big fucking way. But hey, I’m someone who can relate to that, so who the hell am I kidding? Keep in mind though that I often find myself agreeing with Chris. I’m not saying here that he’s some big mouth idiot, not at all. I’m saying that he shoots from the hip, and when you shoot that fast you can hit and you can miss.

The good thing about this is that with this podcast we have some difference of opinion between the two hosts. There’s nothing worse than listening to a couple of people agreeing with each other for over an hour. I mean, my golden rules for throwing a party are to put as many people as possible in as small a space possible with at least two guests who hate each others guts for a bit of social stimulation. Mind you, Ryan won’t come right out and say that Chris is full of shit at any given point of time, but you just know he’s thinking what the fuck is this guy saying? Which is great. You need to be able to get into a podcast, to mutter out loud in your disagreement or agreement with what someone has just said. I like this, this is good. If I was going to pick a blogger to do a podcast with I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in choosing Tobold.

So what do they cover in this podcast? Apart from all of your general stuff, ie what they’ve been doing, what’s going on with patches, and stuff like that, this podcast tends to focus on two main areas: how to make gold and raiding. And it does feel like a lounge. They’re chatting away and doing their thing, and over the last few months they have settled nicely into their respective skins. Technically it’s good; there aren’t any horrible microphone bumps, heavy breathing, or horse laughter. And there isn’t a chat-room so the hosts are completely focussed on what they’re talking about. They also come up with some interesting perspectives which I like, as I can steal them for a couple of blog posts. Thus far they haven’t had any guests on, so I’m assuming that this isn’t their thing.

So it gets a thumbs up from me. Check it out if you want to listen to some interesting discussion related to WoW. That is if you’re still playing.

So another podcast review to get the interwebs gnashing their teeth, and this time I’m setting my poison-coated daggers squarely on the cross-hairs of Blue Plz! This is a unique podcast in WoW-themed shows, as it only has a single host, in this case the vastly opinionated TotalBiscuit. This immediately eliminates the huge problem in the podcasting world of people talking over each other, which seems to happen on 90% of the shows that are out there. It creates a different type of problem in the sense that you have to listen to the one bloke rabbiting on for 90 minutes. So the focal point of the show is TotalBiscuit himself and the on-air persona that he has created for himself. The best way that I can describe this is an in-your-face, rant-ridden, mouth-frothing, shock jock, all packaged in a Pommie accent. It’s enough to make any self respecting Australian throw up in his mouth.

The huge saving grace on all of this is that this is intelligent podcasting. TotalBiscuit’s shtick par excellence is to have a nice rant at what he calls, scrubs. This is the English midlands version of Gevlon’s Morons & Slackers. TotalBiscuit’s opinions run the gauntlet of railing against the unique and beautiful snowflakes of the world and attempting to give them the proverbial kick up the backside, to taking Blizzard’s decisions apart piece by piece in a merciless and deadly accurate criticism laced with a healthy dose of unmitigated sarcasm. This may not sound very intelligent, but his arguments are for the most part quite highbrow, and you will not only find yourself nodding along to them in agreement, but actually thanking Buddha for the fact that finally someone is saying this stuff on the pod-waves.

His show opens with 5 to 10 minutes of flogging whatever video or show or in-game event that he is working on at the current time, so for the first-time listener this can be a little confusing if not off-putting. Then he immediately jumps into his mailbag, which forms the greater part of each episode. I’ve listened to 8 episodes in order to prepare this review, and it seems that either every person who writes in is a dipshit or TotalBiscuit purposely picks the most idiotic emails in order to take off on a 15 minute rant. Every so often he breaks this up with some music, which you won’t hear unless you join in to the live show itself. Apparently a lot of people do listen to the show as it’s being recorded, and here we arrive at one of my few issues with this show. Actually, it would probably be fairer to say that almost every podcast suffers from this malady – the live chat sickness.

If you listen to a live show you can participate in the live chat. Now, I’ve never done this myself, but from what I can imagine it more or less amounts to listeners writing things in the chat in an attempt to grab the hosts attention and get the host to comment on what has been written. This is the holy grail for people who participate in the live chat; their comment has been read live on the show, saved for posterity forever. And herein lies the problem: this is all well and good if you’re live at the time, but if you’ve downloaded the show after the fact it can get a tad annoying to hear the host constantly referring to the live chat. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, it goes something like this:

Host: “… and if Blizzard would only give both the Alliance and the Horde the ability to kill gnomes with pink hair whenever the hell we wanted then – ahahahahahaha, yeah! Right on! Oh man, Jefko, you’re so right dude, that would be awesome, oh yeah. Oh guys, Jefko just wrote an amazing thing in chat, you really have to be there for this …”

Which we’re not. TotalBiscuit goes on a lot about his number of listeners. Apparently he has quite a few. He usually mentions this a few times every show, and it seems to jump from 70,000 to 110,000, I’m fucked if I know how many, but it’s a lot. The vast majority of those download the podcast, they don’t listen to it live. In fact, a few episodes ago he was complaining that he was maxed out on the number of people who could listen live as his server was crashing under the strain. So it’s not as if we can all go and listen live to this, (as if I could be bothered). So I really wish that podcast hosts would tone down the references to their live chat, as for someone listening after the fact it is a complete non-issue for us. Oh, they’re referring to the live chat, okay I’ll turn my listening brain off for a moment now.

One more thing; TotalBiscuit rants a great deal about scrubs and how they ruin the game and how they are the vast majority of players in the game, yet at the same time he is constantly going on about his huge listener numbers. So it doesn’t take an IQ much higher than room temperature to work out that the greater number of his listeners are most probably scrubs themselves, (although they will never admit this to themselves as they laugh at TotalBiscuit taking the piss out of all those other scrubs). Which means that either TotalBiscuit is on a great crusader drive to educate as many stupid people in the world as he is able to, or he takes great delight in the fact that so many people that he rails against listen in to the show. Maybe it’s a little of both, but only he knows. As far as I’m concerned any possible lowering of the general stupidity level is fine by me. So, long may TotalBiscuit continue to rail against the forces of the stupid.


Ok, so welcome to my latest podcast review, blah blah blah. I have reviewed a few podcasts in the past, (click on podcast on the tab thingy on the side to see them), and I have had a few requests to review this one. Now, I am not a listener of this particular podcast so I wanted to give them a fair shot. So in the past month or so I have listened to 8, count them 8 episodes of Rawrcast in order to be fair and nice and all that. That is over 14 hours out of my life. I have no life. Anyway, that’s been written so that when I get grief for not being fair later I can give you all the middle finger.

The thing about podcasts is that they are an entirely new medium and a very old medium all at the same time. When Steve Jobs got up at the Apple convention a few years ago and said that itunes would support podcasting, it blew the whole thing wide open. Over-night every dog and his biscuit got in on the bandwagon, as you can do it from home whilst wearing a dressing gown which is hanging open to reveal most of your dangly bits falling out as you munch on some sort of disgusting fried food and yell at your kids to shut the fuck up. That’s the new medium part. The old medium is that they are essentially a radio show. And a good radio show comprises how a subject matter is approached and the ability of the host or hosts to deliver it. All the new fangled technology in the world won’t cover your butt if you are poor at these two basic criteria.

The Rawrcast podcast is hosted by Stompalina and Hafrot, (yet again another example of hosts not using their real names which I hate). They have been going since November 2008 and they manage to put out an episode every Sunday. Their website is very professional, maybe even the best one that I have seen, and they have a nice calender where you can see which guests are featured in upcoming episodes. They have an obviously strong community behind them and I am certain by the amount of passion and energy that they put into the show that this is something very important to them.

So it’s a pity that I hate it.

Look, you can only go so far when waffling on about your own lives and what you have done in WoW that week before my eyes glaze over and I begin to wonder if there is a Gilligans Island episode that I may have missed 20 years ago. The average length of their show is a tad under 2 hours. Now this is a long time. The reason that it’s a tad under two hours is because of how much time they talk about fucking crap. I’m going to use episode 63 as an example for this review as it’s the most recent one that I listened to. And I am going to compare it to The Instance podcast because those guys get it right. Listen to an episode of the Instance and the hosts spend an average of about 14 seconds saying hello to each other and saying what they’ve been up to. Then they’re straight into the content for the show. That’s professional. In episode 63 of Rawrcast you have to wait over 22 minutes for them to get to their news segment of the show. All they talk about is what they have done that week in the game with their guild, their achivements, what has been going on with … I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

Either you’re doing the show for the general public or you’re doing it for yourselves and the people who play the game with you. If you’re doing it for the general public then stop rabbiting on about bullshit for so long. If you’re doing it for your friends then don’t put it on itunes.

I’ve got to talk about one thing now, I can’t let it go. You see, as I’m writing this I’m listening to this episode again, (in order to be fair), and it just keeps coming up. Stompalina is a girl in real life. She is the main host of the show. And she has a habit of laughing all the time at … nothing. Nothing that would be amusing to you or I but apparently to her it’s fucking hilarious. At the 22.16 minute mark on this episode she breaks into uncontrolable laughter accompanied by pig snorting of all things, (I’m not making this up), because her co-host interrupted her. At the 22.50 minute mark she does it again because she mispronounced a word. Two hours of this. I listen to podcasts with headphones while I drive. I almost crashed my car the first time I got one of her pig snorts it freaked me out so much. Perhaps if you know her in real life this is funny but I don’t know her. She’s putting out a podcast that she expects people like me who play WoW to listen to. If you’re going to do this don’t laugh every minute or so at nothing. And don’t do pig snorts into the microphone for gods sake.

Stompalina also says the word ‘fuck’ a lot. Now readers of my blog know that I like to use this word as well, I am no prude by any means. But there is foul mouthed and smart and foul mouthed and stupid and lets just say this podcast isn’t rocket science. My blog isn’t rocket science either. But I use that word to highlight something, to put an amusing twist on a situation in order to stimulate a reaction. She uses the word as she uses it in everyday conversation. Which makes it crass and after a while it just begins to wear you down a little.

Her co-host, Halfrot, isn’t that bad. I don’t think that he’s great or anything but next to Stompalina he appears to be. He’s got a calm manner, the sort of guy who just cruises along and does his thing. He is knowledgeable about the game from what I can tell. I just wish that he wouldn’t set Stompalina off so much as he knows just which button to press in order to get her to start laughing.

Then we get to their interview this week which is two of the guys from This has to be one of the most inspired interview choices for a WoW podcast that I have ever come across. Most podcasts just interview hosts from other podcasts which turns it into a big clique get the in-joke nepotistic kind of thing, (which Rawrcast does as well I must add). But interviews like this are just fantastic and even though Stompalina interviews them she manages to keep her laughter in check and it really is worth a listen to. I also like the fact that both hosts don’t do the interviewing. This is a trap which a lot of other shows fall into and what you usually get is a bunch of people interrupting each other or a conversation being inadvertedly steered away from what was a very interesting chain of discussion. So that doesn’t happen here, and this interview is well worth listening to.

The thing is though, the interview shows up what is wrong with this podcast. Stompalina interviews them in a calm and professional manner. Sure she jokes around a bit but she always steers it right back, because she doesn’t want to waste their time. But apparently the listener doesn’t deserve the same treatment, because as soon as the interview is finished we’re back to another 90 minutes of waffle about their lives mixed in with current issues and events in WoW. I think that the hosts put a great deal of effort into the behind the scenes aspects of their show: the website, the forums, the interviews that they organise, they are all very well done. What lets them down is how they deliver the show both in how they approach the material and with their own presentation. And unfortunately, at the end of the day, the show is really all that you have.

Hosted by Fimlys and Nibuca, the Twisted Nether Podcast is somewhat unique in the cluster of podcasts devoted to World of Warcraft. It is based on the Blog Azeroth and Twisted Nether list of blogs talking about WoW. You can see the link on my sidebar, click on that and it takes you to a sometimes dated list of blogs grouped under their class/spec. There is also a forum and help for potential bloggers wanting to find out how to stick these pages up on the internet.

The podcast has a wonderful idea as a premise: interview the people who write the blogs. Every week they interview one blogger, usually one who is listed on their page, and they talk about the interviewees gaming interests, how they got into blogging, tips for new bloggers, etc. As such, it is on the one hand a bit of a niche audience – there are only a limited number of bloggers, would-be bloggers and blog readers out there. But the shows are long for a podcast format, (usually around 2 hours), with an hour being devoted to the weeks interview and then another hour on general news and discussion based on WoW. So there is something for everyone, and even though anything that they talk about in news you can find elsewhere in other podcasts, the discussion is still fairly good.

Ok, here is where I bugger any future possibility of me being on this show. I have a real problem with the two presenters. Technically they are good – no interrupting, talking over one another, yapping on for 10 minutes at the beginning on what they did that Saturday night, none of those traps are stumbled into. But still I can find something to complain about. I’m such a prick, right? Well, maybe but I think that considering the format of their show that my criticism is somewhat justified.

You see, they’re just not very good at interviewing. I went back and re-listened to the last 4 episodes prior to writing this as I didn’t want to make an unfair criticism here. But there is no doubt, there is a lot of scope for improvement. The two hosts, (and I wish they would use their real names here. Using your gaming names is off-putting), have a list of set questions for each interview. And what they do is they follow that list to the letter. Often they will ask a question, the interviewee will give a long and interesting response until they eventually run out of steam and stop talking …

And then there is an uncomfortable pause …

And the one of the two hosts will say, ‘Okaaaaay …’ or ‘Riiight …’

And then even if there is something really interesting being talked about they will just go to the next question. Now this doesn’t happen all the time, not at all. But it happens often enough to leave me wondering what the hell is going on. Usually it’s just uncomfortable, sometimes it’s downright bizarre. But once you notice it, once this point enters your radar, then you’re very aware of it and it somewhat taints the overall feel of the show.

Ok, so that is the bad bit. Hopefully the messenger won’t be shot.

The interviewees save the show. This is a really, really good idea, to interview the people writing the blogs. Rarely do you get a bad one, in fact I can’t remember the last one that I felt was lame. And this is the focal point of the show, only they are doing it and it sets them apart from other podcasts. If you want the best discussion of WoW hot topics then go to The Instance, if you want the best philosophical discussion on WoW then you want The World of Warcast, but for the best interviewees on your chosen topic then this show takes the cake. And I want to clarify, the presenters are quite good, (and they obviously put a huge amount of work into it), they don’t fall into a lot of the obvious traps that bemoan podcasts in general. And sometimes they do run with a question and take it into other areas, which is great. But there is real room for improvement here.

Overall though, this is one of the big three that I listen to. Check it out for yourself.


I had this written quite a while ago and for some reason didn’t post it. As luck would have it one of the hosts retired during the intervening time. so now I have to do it all over again. Hosted by Starman and Alachia, (I assume this is the name of her in-game toon. If not, then I’m scared), this is your sit-around-the-fire-on-a-cold-winters-night type of podcast. Sit back with a good glass of red, hell a bottle if you’re like me, and listen to a couple of freinds talk about the game that you love. The show is more of the ramble conversation variety. It doesn’t follow the strict Instance method of punching through segment after segment. At the beginning of each episode the two hosts will chat about what they have been doing in WoW over the last few weeks. This can sometimes take a while, but the discussion is usually interesting and thought-provoking, so in this case I’m willing to just let them talk away.

Starman is the main host of the show, and I really have to rate this guy. He has a calm, intelligent and humble approach which makes listening to him a pleasure indeed. What’s great about Starman is the fcat that he is often torn on-air about what to say about a topic. He really cares about this stuff and by nature is not the type to just spew opinions into the nethersphere. He sounds like the kind of dude who wears floor length wool-skin coats and listens to The Pixies while reading Frank Herbert. And I mean that in a nice way. I like this guy. I would want to hang out with him in real life, as long as he occasionally washed the coat. He is fallible, and wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s wrong a lot as well, but it’s all part of the charm.

Alachia took over from long time host, Renata. Renata was a legend. A legend in the sense that she had an awesome ability to talk. Her subject dissection was amazing as she would cover every possible angle while talking through a topic. But she got sick of listening to the sound of her own voice and left a few months ago. It was all very sad and tragic. I’m sure that a lot of Pixies albums were labored over.

So along came Alachia, the new hostess with the mostest. She has her own podcast over at wowcast which I have never listened to so don’t ask me what it’s like, I don’t know. I would listen to it but I have to wash my hair. Anyway, she has joined Starman as his co-host and so far I have to say she has been good … and not so good. In other words hit and miss. Good in the sense that she is able to speak coherently, pronounciate words, doesn’t breathe deeply into the microphone and doesn’t utter really stupid things, as in rogues – pewy-pewy-stabby-stabby, you know what I’m talking about here. Miss in the sense that I don’t think that she wants to play WoW anymore, and it shows. She seems to be marking time until the next big MMO comes along. Actually, that’s what we’re all doing. Maybe this isn’t a miss at all. It’s a giant hit! We love you Alachia!

The podcast features holiday specials which are broadcast whenever there is an in-game holiday event. These run to about 20 minutes and are still done by the legendary Renata, so check out how a human can talk without breathing for 20 minutes. It’s extraordinary. Actually, the holiday episodes are very well done and go over every inch of what the holiday event is about, so check them out if you’re one of those sad people who wants that proto-drake.

World of Warcast is a solid effort. It’s been around for a long time, and paid its dues. They have their finger on the pulse of the current state of the game and they are not afraid to say when they don’t like something. I give this one a strong recomendation.


The Instance is described in its website as the most popular WoW podcast on the web today. There is a reason that they are so popular – this podcast is very good indeed. Hosted by Scott Johnson of Extralife fame, and Randy “RandyDelux” Jordan of The Instance fame, these two guys really know what they’re doing.

The basic outline of each podcast episode follows some general topic themes which are always included in every show. These include, The Big News of the Week, The Town Crier, (where listeners phone in and email their questions), Rumors & Scuttlebutt, Quick-Fire Questions and more. Each of these formats is preceded by a very professional audio intro – when Turpster was a guest on the show he made the joke that he only knew the show through the quality of its intro’s.  The podcast rounds up with various collaborators own snippets. Patrick’s Mods of the Week, Mean Gene’s PvP tip of the week, Ask Buxley and more. The quality of these can sometimes be suspect, but the suspect ones tend to disappear from future episodes.

Occasionally the boys will have a guest on the show, but for the most part the show consists of just the two of them going through their regular routine. So why is this podcast so good?

First of all, from the relaxed and free-flowing banter you would assume that they were recording each episode sitting in the same room. In reality they’re usually a few thousand miles apart and recording on Skype. This speaks volumes for their professionalism and ability. They make it sound easy, when in reality it’s not, particularly when compared with other podcasts trying to do the same thing. However, the fact that there is just the two of them talking certainly makes things much easier, something which they are well aware of. Why make things hard for yourself? Having four people talking above one another is a recipe for disaster, as the WoWInsider podcast can attest to. If Scott and Randy do have a guest it will be just the one, and they will usually be restricted to just a section of the show. As it is, with just the two of them speaking the banter can fly back and forth without things breaking down. They also are very used to working with each other and know just when to back off and give the other time to have a nice rant on air.

The real reason that the show is so good however, is the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes. Make no mistake, these shows are scripted. They know exactly what they are going to discuss and what each of their arguments will be when they sit down to record. This usually results in very in-depth and thought provoking discussions on whatever topic happens to be before them. They often disagree with one another, but they are happy to do so and often one of them will be turned around and swayed by their partners argument. While still keeping an underlying level of humor running throughout the show, their discussion and disection of the topics at hand are serious, intelligent and often deadly accurate.

Scott has a great ability to not let things get out of hand. While other shows will ramble on for 10-15 minutes at the beginning about what each of them is doing in WoW that week etc, Scott knows just when to hit that intro button for the Big News of the Week. He keeps the show moving at a brisk pace, as he understands that listeners often have short attention spans and want to hear the show progress towrds their favorite segments. The beauty of this show is that he is able to do this while still making it seem like two guys sitting around a fire with drinks in their hand yapping on about their favorite game.

Scott’s main is a Hunter while Randy plays a Priest, so there isn’t much joy for Rogues here. But the podcast is more about general WoW issues than getting down into the nitty gritty of class details. I highly recommend this podcast, it will not only keep you entertained but will ensure that you are up to date with everything that is happening in the World of Warcraft.

Welcome to the first in a series on WoW topic podcast reviews. I listen to a lot of these as I often have to take long trips in the car and it beats listening to the soulful crap tones of Italian radio. There are many WoW podcasts out there and I’ve listened to most of them. So this is your chance to benefit from my experience.

I’m going to begin with the WoW Insider Show. With the resources behind it, it should be one of the best podcasts out there. The sad fact is that it’s not. It’s been getting worse for some time now and I can lay most of the blame for the lameness of this podcast squarely at the feet of one person. The host, Mike Schramm. To put it simply, as a host, Mike sucks big hairy donkey balls. He couldn’t organise a piss-up at a brewery, and yet here we have him attempting to organise a podcast with often three or four guests. It’s difficult to record a podcast because you cannot see the people that you are speaking with. WoW raiders would have experience of this. Have a 10-way conversation on Vent and see how you go. It’s hard, because you never know who is about to speak. If you just leave it up to random chance and get everyone to chat then it not only doesn’t work, it’s a disaster. What it needs is one person to direct the conversation and steer it to each person at a time in a smooth and clear manner.

Something which Mike just isn’t able to do. It doesn’t help that Mike seems to be in love with the sound of his own voice. Which means that often, the only time a guest on the show gets to speak is when they interrupt Mike. Guests quickly learn this, so what you end up having is four people trying to interrupt each other. It doesn’t work, it’s a mess, and often painful and frustrating to listen to. Mike also has a unique way of asking a question. He will ask somebody a question, and then keep on talking, often for a minute or more. So that in the end the original question has often been forgotten, which makes me want to pull my hair out at times if it was something which I really wanted to hear an opinion on. I was going to actually type out one of his monologues, but this post would turn into a book.

Another example of Mike’s inability to handle his show is what he does when he finally reaches the end of one of his epic monologues and hands the reins over to his guests. He won’t specifically nominate someone and ask their opinion. He will simply end his speech by saying, “And what do you guys think?” There will inevitably be a four second silence while three people sitting in front of a computer on skype on different parts of the globe try and work out if they are the one who is supposed to speak, and then they will all begin talking at once. On one occasion, Mike actually berated them for all speaking at the same time. That left me with my mouth hanging open.

Just re-listening to some of the episodes while writing this I came upon a situation where someone made the mistake of asking Mike about his paladin. The ensuring diatribe lasted over five minutes while he went through every ability and situation possible about this toon. At the end he thanked them for asking him about his paladin. Turpster, his sidekick immediately responded, “I wish we didn’t.”

Turpster is an English player whose shtick is being bitingly sarcastic in an over-played English accent. This is funny the first time. It is only funny the twentieth time if you are a 15 year old male who still reads MAD comics. So our two hosts consist of a guy who speaks in boring monologues and won’t shut up and a sarcastic dude who likes making fun of everyone and anything. The WoW podcast Odd Couple? It would be, if it worked. It doesn’t, it’s frustrating and painful.

But the most painful thing?

A podcast consists of two aspects – its hosts and the quality of its information. Considering that this is the WoWinsider podcast you would assume that the info coming out would be awesome. It’s not that there isn’t good information, there is. Sometimes. Maybe. Right now while I’m listening to the latest episode, Turpster is talking about his socks. Brilliant. Just what I was hoping for when I tuned in after taking the time to download it. In fact, I’m going to list now the things that they talk about in the latest episode from this point on. Lets check it out!

1. Talk about their video show that will be coming up in the future. This goes on for a bit.
2. Mike reads some fan emails. Lets sub-list this;

2.1: The first email asks that Turpster talks more as the writer is trying to learn an English accent for a school play. The four of them then put on ‘funny’ accents for five minutes whilst Lesley Smith does her best to laugh like a horse.

2.2: The next email is read out. It’s not clear what this email is about. Something about wolves, and The Fonz, and then the guy writes that he feels like an idiot for something. I feel like an idiot listening to this episode again to be honest.

2.3: Email about who gets the legendary mace in Ulduar. This could be an interesting discussion from four people who write for WoWInsider. Oh, but it’s not. It starts off well when the first guest flat-out says that she will be taking it in her guild. Brilliant. Then they suggest rogues, cause that’s “funny”. Then they decide that they best way to give it out is to play Peggle for it. Outstanding information from the Insider team on a subject that is already quite serious in my own guild. Oh, then they go on about using peggle for all loot division. Lesley does some more Horse-laughing. Now a Peggle challenge after the show between Mike and Turpster. This is really going on for a long time now. They all think that they’re incredibly amusing.

2.4: The email that brings up giving Bloodlust to Rogues! Here Lesley comes out with her awesome, “Stabby Stabby, sneaky, sneaky, pewy, pewy” response. No more needs to be said here. Now some Shaman talk that is fairly interesting, mostly from Amanda to be honest.

2.5 Last email here. This proposes that the next expansion will have a new race, the Worgen, and that the next MMO form Blizzard will be a Starcraft space one! Wow, that’s really big news that we know and they admit is incorrect.

2.6: Oh wait, one more email thanking Turpster for his tip last week about the Argent Crusade dailies. Turpster then comes out with an interesting point about doing those dailies. This is the first real nugget of info in this episode.

3. Turspter’s Tips time! But he hasn’t got one. They get him to give a tip about soloing as a warrior. He gives one, which is about a level 60 raid from vanilla WoW. Great.

4. Now it’s the “Meat of the Show”. This is apparently the really good bit. They speak about the next patch, the first thing obviously being Murky the Murloc space-marine. They mention the Juggernught nerf and they say that it has dropped to 25% and that this is bad. Why? Not sure, but they think that it is bad. Maybe some in-depth analysis that had been prepared beforehand about this … naw, what was I thinking! Quick list of patch notes, no discussion at all. I mean, it’s not like we can go and read a list ourselves or anything … Equipment manager – Mike likes it! He doesn’t really know why, he just does. Mike is scanning through the list and about to pass onto something else as there is “nothing really interesting here” when Amanda points out that there is a new change where you are only saved to a raid or instance when a boss goes down. Kind of a massive change this one, eh Mike? What follows is a good discussion generated mostly by Amanda.

That’s enough, I can’t take any more. Amanda saved this episode, and that is what usually happens. We get one interesting guest per episode that when they are allowed to speak are fonts of information. Actually, that’s the third thing that a podcast can offer after its hosts and information – interesting guests. WoWinsider can do this, it’s just that they’re not allowed to speak much.

But don’t take my word for it. Find out for yourselves! Download the WoWInsider podcast and listen to the monologues, the crap jokes, the unprepared script, the useless or wrong information, and the occasional nugget of good WoW info that you want to hear. You may love it. Or maybe not.