I don’t normally post on weekends as I have better things to do with my time, such as skipping through the tulips, (not many hits on weekends). But I have decided to make a random Saturday post of random thoughts and perhaps links which I have found around the internets during the week. So this is the first random Saturday post. I suppose I will have to create increasingly bizarre titles for them.

Yesterday we won Wintergrasp with 6 players against 80. We were attacking and at the beginning all looked hopeless. But the other day, Gevlon had come up with a cunning plan and I had helped him to refine it. This was our first real chance to put it into practice. It involved sneaking a couple of demolishers up to the walls of the fortress while the Horde were busy elsewhere destroying towers, pillaging and looting, checking their email etc. The great thing about demolishers is that they can shoot over walls. Which meant that we didn’t have to get the last wall down. We just positioned them correctly and took the relic chamber door down from the other side of the wall. With 6 against 80 we had the full tenacity buff, and with the door down three of us managed to fight our way through the dense crowd of incredibly desperate horde to get to it, with our paladin succeeding in clicking the relic. Quite simply an awesome win. There are other elements to the cunning plan but they are too secret to be imparted here to you, (send gold).

I had my biggest ever volume day on the blog yesterday, with my post about our VoA run garnering me almost 2000 hits. Considering that my second month blogging I got 65 in total, and that was a year ago, this was pretty huge blogging wise. So for those of you who haven’t been blogging long and are wondering if you’ll ever get visitors and comments, you will. If you stick with it and write often, (and if greedgygoblin links to you …)

On my dashboard for the blog I can see where the hits are coming from via incoming links. These can often be interesting, and yesterday there was one that raised my eyebrows. The insidious guild forum linked to yesterdays post and it was their members who were the ones that behaved rather childishly in the raid in question, (and if you read the comments you will see that one of their guildies who was on the raid, Koushirou, admitted this himself. I would assume that he linked my post to their guild forum.) Unfortunately I cannot access their forum as I do not have the required permission, but with the number of hits coming from them I would be very interested to know what they have said regarding this issue. Feel free to comment here!

And finally, I have a little something for your viewing pleasure. A WoW players reaction when he finds out that he has been “hacked”, (when in actual fact it is his friend who has changed his password).

Quite a few F Bombs.